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  • Aging and Lifespan

    Clearing Cellular Dead Wood

    For many years now, the topic of “senescent cells” has been the subject of plenty of research work. Back in the 1960s the “Hayflick limit” was noticed in cell culture: there was an apparent limit to the number of cell divisions that could take place before the cells just sort of stalled out. For human… Read More
  • Cancer

    Two Steps to Activation

    Engineering immune system cells to do what we’d like them to do is one of the big areas of medical research these days, and this new paper could be a real advance in the area. A team out of UCSF with several collaborators reports on a new way around one of the big problems in… Read More
  • Cancer

    Androgen Receptors for COVID-19

    There’s a report of an interesting small-molecule drug effort against the coronavirus that seems to have produced rather significant results. The idea goes back to effects that were noticed last year – for example, in this population-based study from Italy. It’s been known since the early days of the pandemic that males were overa… Read More
  • Cancer

    Cancer and Gene Therapy

    Update, March 10: Bluebird has reported data that makes it much less likely that this even was due to their lentivirus vector. Good news, and I hope it holds up. There’s news today that Bluebird has suspended its gene therapy work on sickle cell disease because of two cases of cancer in its treatment population. Read More
  • Cancer

    T Cells (and Bifunctionals) For Everything

    Let’s take a one-day break from the coronavirus, but fear not, I will not be forsaking immunology. We’ll take a look at an interesting therapeutic idea involving T-cells and how it’s going. For some years now, Amgen has been working on a technology called “BiTE“, which stands for “bispecific T-cell engager“ Read More
  • Cancer

    Click Chemotherapy

    So here’s an ambitious idea that’s about to get a hearing in human clinical trials. A startup called Shasqi is using click chemistry as a drug delivery method, and they have a new manuscript on the idea here at ChemRxiv. The idea is this: you produce a modified version of a hyaluronate biopolymer, decorated with… Read More
  • Cancer

    Bacteria and Colon Cancer

    Let’s catch on some non-coronavirus research today with an interesting approach against a very bad disease, metastatic colon cancer. This new paper (from groups at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest) adds to our understanding of something that’s been noticed for some time: colon cancer tissue is often infected with Fusobacterium nucleatum. T… Read More
  • Cancer

    Vitamin C and Immuno-oncology

    Linus Pauling was a fearsomely great scientist who is remembered by the general public for his advocacy of megadoses of Vitamin C, a favorite topic of his later in life. Infectious disease, cancer: Pauling advised gram amounts of ascorbic acid and had a lot of theorizing to offer about why that was beneficial. So while… Read More
  • Cancer

    Cancer By the Numbers

    I mentioned cancer incidence versus cancer mortality the other day, and I wanted to highlight this NEJM paper, which is a recent and comprehensive look at the topic. You can see several different effects in the data. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, for example, has shown a pretty steady incidence rate over the past 40 years, but steadily… Read More
  • Cancer

    Big News in Cancer, Versus Big Talk About It

    We have two very different stories about the progress of cancer therapy this morning. We’ll start with the good part: the American Cancer Society says that death rates from the disease in the US dropped in the 2016-2017 period by their largest recorded percentage. This is unequivocally good news, and is attributed to advances in… Read More