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  • Business and Markets

    Med-Chem Layoffs, On the Front Page

    Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article on the chemistry layoffs that have afflicted us in the drug industry. The piece (by Avery Johnson) focuses on a good example: Bob Sliskovic, the medicinal chemist who first synthesized Lipitor (as in largest-selling-drug-in-the-world Lipitor), and now finds himself laid off by Pfizer: ”Fo… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Massachusetts Moving

    And while I’m on the subject of that last post, I wanted to make a quick appeal to the readership. My new position will be taking me to the research-happy Greater Boston area, which I’m looking forward to. At the same time, though, there are the usual moving issues – balancing commuting, real estate, and… Read More
  • Closing Time

    A Post I’ve Been Looking Forward to For Months

    I’m very glad to announce that I’ve accepted an offer of a new research position. Thus ends a stretch of unemployment that began officially at the end of January, with warning having been served the previous November. That explains the somewhat irregular recent schedule of this blog – I’ve been wrestling with several offer a… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Layoffs – Again

    I’ve heard from more than one source that Pfizer has laid off a large number of research staff this week in Groton. This seems to have taken people by surprise in many cases, since the expectation was just that everyone would find out where they were on the new organization charts. Well, in a way… Read More
  • Closing Time

    More Help Wanted?

    Back in November, I announced the impending closure of the Wonder Drug Factory, and there were plenty of people who responded with news of open positions. My colleagues and I really appreciated it – a number of interviews (and some placements) resulted. Since then, many of the folks I worked with have found a place… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Have We Got a Job For You!

    Since I’m still on the job-hunting trail, after the events described here, I think I’d find it a bit therapeutic to complain about one part of the process that’s a complete waste of time. Now, there are open positions that are advertised, both online and in the various science and trade publications, and there are… Read More
  • Closing Time

    A Break, Whether I Felt Like It Or Not

    So begins my first week without employment since the late 1980s. And I’m not sure that that period counts, since it was just after my postdoc ended and I was looking for my first real job. I had a Humboldt fellowship in Germany – West Germany at the time, of course – and I’d tried… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Open For Business

    Tuesday is my last day at the Wonder Drug Factory. I’ve been hauling out boxes, emptying the freezer, signing forms, and shaking a lot of hands. I don’t have anything lined up immediately, although I’m pursuing a couple of possibilities. My hope is to stay in Connecticut (I live near New Haven), but that narrows… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Ghost Town

    I’m nearly finished with two manuscripts to send out before departing the Wonder Drug Factory. One is the last paper from an earlier project – it’s interesting stuff, but now I’m one of the last people on the author list who’s still (nominally) with the company. Everyone else left (or was laid off) even before… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Out With the Old

    Now this is a new experience for me. Starting off the new year in the lab has usually been a time for me to clean up the office and bench and think about what I’m getting done (and how that matches up, if at all, with what I should be doing). And I’m doing all… Read More