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  • Closing Time

    Cleans Down to What Should Be the Shine

    One of the main things I’m going to have to do when I get back to my lab is clean it up. That’s not something that I spend much time on, under ordinary conditions. For one thing, I don’t run as many reactions as I used to, so it doesn’t get dirty as fast. But… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Hi, My Name Is […]

    I’ve had several inquiries about how the job hunt is going. Actually I’m not expecting a lot of news until well after the first of the year. Many of my lab associate colleagues are getting hired already, which is good to see. But it takes longer to decide to bring on someone in my position… Read More
  • Closing Time

    The Paper Mountain

    Another thing a large research site has, and in mighty impressive quantities, is paper. Something’s got to be done with it, but not all laboratory paper is created equal. Of course, a lot of the mass represents hard copies of files that exist in digital form. Non-proprietary stuff (journal articles that are no longer needed… Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    Vial Thirty-Three: Warp Drive

    As I mentioned the other day, I’m sprinting to finish some last experiments on my side project. These are all on the “vial thirty-three” system that I first described here and finally got to work reproducibly here. Looking back, I remember how surprised I was earlier in the year when I first saw this experiment… Read More
  • Closing Time

    Where Do All The Chemicals Go?

    When a bunch of chemistry projects suddenly stop in their tracks, you’re faced with a real waste disposal problem. What do you do with all the blasted chemicals? First off, there are reactions going in people’s fume hoods, some of which probably aren’t going to be worked up. Into the red waste can they go. Read More
  • Birth of an Idea

    The Race Is On

    Friday afternoon was quite strange. There had been another meeting to explain to people what the timetable would be to close down the site, but I left during its question-and-answer period. . .to go and set up an experiment. A half an hour later, colleagues of mine from down the hall were coming back from… Read More