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  • Biological News

    Vaccine Manufacturing Woes at Emergent

    The New York Times has a good story on the problems at the Emergent vaccine plant in Baltimore, following up on this one. They’ve uncovered a report from last summer that warned that the facility had quality control problems: A copy of the official’s assessment, obtained by The New York Times, cited “key risks” in… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Getting Vaccinated

    So as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I’ve now had my first coronavirus vaccine dose (Pfizer/BioNTech). Since I’ve been writing about the mRNA vaccines for months here and cheering on the vaccine efforts in general, I can tell you that I’m very, very happy to be able to follow through and actually take one. So… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Blood Clots and the AZ Vaccine, Revisited

    Once again, what’s going on with vascular events and the AZ/Oxford vaccine? I last wrote about this situation a couple of weeks ago, and it’s taken some real turns since then. At that point several EU countries had suspended dosing, but over the next week several began administering the vaccine again after the European Medicines… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    AstraZeneca’s US Vaccine Trial Data

    Update: this has turned into a stupid, needless, mess. Which frankly seems to be AstraZeneca’s pandemic brand so far. It turns out that the company’s press release (as discussed below) is apparently more of an interim read than reflective of the final data. The NIH took the extraordinary step of stating its concerns about this… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    The Problem with COVID-19 Clinical Trials

    Let’s talk about a painful subject. I am of the opinion – and I’m far from alone – that the most reliable way to determine if a possible therapy has any usefulness is a randomized, double-blinded controlled clinical trial. I can be a bit more specific than that, even: let’s make that “a trial that… Read More
  • Covid-19

    What is Going on With the AstraZeneca/Oxford Vaccine?

    Update: more on this in a later post here. Everyone will have heard of the situation in Europe right now, with a whole list of countries suspending dosing of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. Sweden and Latvia joined that list today .But getting clarity on this is another thing entirely. I have not been the biggest fan… Read More
  • Cancer

    Androgen Receptors for COVID-19

    There’s a report of an interesting small-molecule drug effort against the coronavirus that seems to have produced rather significant results. The idea goes back to effects that were noticed last year – for example, in this population-based study from Italy. It’s been known since the early days of the pandemic that males were overa… Read More
  • Covid-19

    The J&J Vaccine at the FDA

    The briefing documents are out at the FDA site for Friday’s hearing on the J&J vaccine. Here’s a summary at STAT from Matthew Herper and Helen Branswell, and I agree with their take: overall, the numbers look good. Update: here’s a good Twitter thread from Hilda Bastian, and here’s one from Eric Topol. Like every… Read More
  • Covid-19

    More on mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing

    Here’s a good article from the Washington Post that updates some details that I talked about in this post on the lipids used in the mRNA vaccines and in this one about their overall manufacturing process. It focuses on Acuitas, who make the two proprietary lipids that are used in the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Actually, if… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Coronavirus Variants: Down to the Details

    It’s my impression that the pace of headlines and tweets, etc. about the many COVID-19 variants has increased recently (and it wasn’t exactly an unexplored topic before). Some of the coverage is just horse-race stuff (here comes this one, around the curve comes that one), but some of it is downright alarmist. And while I’m… Read More