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  • Covid-19

    Coronavirus Vaccine Roundup, Early September

    It’s been a while since I went through the whole vaccine landscape (I’ve been putting it off!), but there’s a lot to catch up on. I’m going to incorporate some slightly reworked material from my July post in the introduction to each vaccine class, for reference, but everything on the candidates themselves is updated informat… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Cold Chain (And Colder Chain) Distribution

    OK, it looks like we’re finally going to be talking about a vaccine logistics issue that many people (including me) have been worried about. Specifically, how are these things going to be transported and stored? If you’re not in the biomedical field, that question might seem a bit boring and bring up mental pictures of… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Thoughts On a New Coronavirus Test (And on Testing)

    Word came yesterday that Abbott received an Emergency Use Authorization for a new coronavirus test, one that is faster and cheaper than anything currently out there. The two types of tests that we see in use now are RT-PCR, the nasal-swab test that detects viral RNA, and various antibody tests, that tell you if you… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Preparing For the Vaccine Results

    So let’s take a few minutes to think about what happens when the vaccine trials start to read out. I’m making the assumption that the data will be freely available in a timely manner (which means before any decisions are made), because the alternative to that is Not Real Good. Another not-real-good alternative would be… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Convalescent Plasma: The Science and the Politics

    I suppose that I’m going to have to say something about yesterday’s convalescent plasma announcement. First, the medical aspects: in my view, for what that’s worth, convalescent plasma is likely to be at least somewhat helpful to hospitalized coronavirus patients. I think that its safety profile is likely to be good as well, and I… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    More Pfizer/BioNTech Data On Their Actual Vaccine Candidate

    When we last heard from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine program, they had picked a different candidate than the one that they had already published on (BNT162b1). Today they’ve released more data about the actual candidate, BNT162b2. And it seems pretty clear why they went with it. This preprint describes a head-to-head study (NCT04368728) betwe… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Encouraging News About Coronavirus Immunity

    We’ve had some good news on coronavirus immunity recently – good because it gives us some more clarity on the whole situation, and because it suggests that both people who have already recovered from the infection and people who will be getting vaccinated can have good protection. We have this preprint from several of the… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    SinoPharm’s Inactivated Coronavirus Vaccine

    So now we have some clinical data on yet another category of vaccine: SinoPharm’s inactivated coronavirus candidate. This is one of the classic vaccine techniques, where an infectious virus is altered by some sort of protein-denaturing treatment (heating or reactive chemistry) to make it noninfectious. But such particles can retain enough of… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    The Russian Vaccine

    Many will have heard Russia’s announcement that they have approved a coronavirus vaccine. I’ve already had several people ask me what I think of it, so let me be clear: I think it’s a ridiculous publicity stunt. If it’s supposed to make Russia look like some sort of biotechnology powerhouse, then as far as I’m… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Stock Cults and the Coronavirus

    Let’s take a few minutes to talk about biopharma stocks in general – or to be more precise, about some of the people who invest in biopharma stocks. There’s a lot of weird behavior in this area, and the pandemic has amplified it. I refer specifically to the “stock cult” mentality that will be familiar… Read More