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  • Covid-19

    Coronavirus Origins

    I’m going to regret writing about this, but it’s not a topic to be ignored. Where did the current coronavirus come from? If you ask that question, you get all sorts of answers from all sorts of people. Let me downgrade some of those right up front. To start at the far end of the… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Waiving IP

    The announcement by the Biden administration about waiving IP rights to the coronavirus vaccines obviously calls for some comment. Keep in mind that I have been doing research in the pharma industry for over 30 years now, so my viewpoint is obviously going to be affected by that, for better and for worse. With that… Read More
  • Covid-19

    Russian Vaccine Behavior

    In the last post, I mentioned the Twitter response to the Brazilian rejection of the Gamaleya vaccine. I believe that the official blue-check-marked “Sputnik V” Twitter account is run by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the sovereign-wealth part of the Russian state that is in charge of rolling out the vaccine to different countries. Read More
  • Covid-19

    Blood Clots and the AZ Vaccine, Revisited

    Once again, what’s going on with vascular events and the AZ/Oxford vaccine? I last wrote about this situation a couple of weeks ago, and it’s taken some real turns since then. At that point several EU countries had suspended dosing, but over the next week several began administering the vaccine again after the European Medicines… Read More
  • Covid-19

    The President’s Coronavirus Treatment

    I’ve had emails asking me what I think about President Trump’s illness and the course of treatment that he’s under. To be honest, this wasn’t a subject that I really felt like writing about – every time I write anything about Trump here, I regret it – but the reports have been so increasingly odd… Read More
  • Current Events

    A Brief Note on Immigration and American Science

    There’s an article out today from John Maraganore (CEO of Alnylam, immediate past chair of the BIO industry group) and his successor at BIO, Jeremy Levin (CEO of Ovid Therapeutics). They’re making the point that the current administration’s restrictions on legal immigration (real, attempted, and threatened) are a direct threat to… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Africa, African-Americans, and the Coronavirus Vaccines

    I mentioned yesterday in my post about anti-vaccine arguments that there seemed to be suspicions on social media platforms about vaccine testing in Africa. I’ve been looking around for more of that, and finding plenty of it. I’ve also heard from a colleague with some pertinent thoughts about how these things get going, and I… Read More
  • Current Events

    Not Winning Friends, Not Influencing People

    Many chemists will by now be aware of the brief, but very loud, incident with Angewandte Chemie and a paper by Tomas Hudlicky that appeared there. Well, it didn’t appear for long – within hours, the link had disappeared. The article appears to have been an update of parts of his book “The Way of… Read More
  • Current Events

    Surgisphere and Their Data (Updated)

    Update, and this one needs to be at the top of the page. As you will see from the additions to this post, the entire Surgisphere story has collapsed. None of their papers can now be regarded as valid – vide infra. So we have a very strange situation with some recent publications, one that… Read More
  • Current Events

    Some Commentary

    It feels strange to be writing about biomedicine, even about a terrible pandemic, under the current circumstances. I was six years old in 1968 and was thus largely spared that year’s events, so 2020 is now the year that in which I’m most fearful about what’s happening in my country. My broad political opinions make… Read More