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    Real Information: A Public Good

    I think I’m going to be dividing the blog posts into two categories for the time being: coronavirus-related ones and completely nonrelated ones. It’s the biggest medical story right now – this one’s going into the history books, unfortunately – so I can’t pretend to ignore it. But neither can I go all-coronavirus… Read More
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    Time Scales, Viral and Human

    I can tell that the current events are getting a bit overwhelming by the difficulty of writing about other topics here! I’m not specifically on a coronavirus topic today, but rather on what some of the news coverage is saying about our expectations for medical research. One of the things people have noted about my… Read More
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  • Current Events

    Covid-19 Biologic Therapies Reviewed

    Friday I looked over the small-molecule landscape in this post, which has been updated and will continue to be as more news comes along. Today let’s look at the biologics landscape. One thing that I want to emphasize up front, as I did in the earlier post, is that none of these things are available… Read More
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    Covid-19 Small Molecule Therapies Reviewed

    Update: for clinical trial results as of March 18 on some of these, see here). Let’s take inventory on the therapies that are being developed for the coronavirus epidemic. Here is a very thorough list of at Biocentury, and I should note that (like Stat and several other organizations) they’re making all their Covid-19 content free… Read More
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    Get Real

    Since this is going to be a post about the coronavirus, let’s start off with this PSA: wash your hands. These viruses have a lipid envelope that is crucial to their structure and function, and soaps and detergents are thus very effective at inactivating them. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s one of the more… Read More
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    Antiviral Theatrics?

    Update: more details on this here. There’s a rationale for this, but it may or may not be a good one! This will be a very rare link indeed for me, to the People’s Daily Twitter account out of China. I’d seen some clips like this before, but wasn’t sure of their provenance. This, though… Read More
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    Harvard’s Chemistry Dept. Chairman in FBI Custody

    I suspect that most readers will have heard the news that Charles Lieber, nanoscale materials chemist and chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, was arrested yesterday by federal agents. He was accused of providing false statements to government agencies about his involvement with China’s “Thousand Talents” program and wit… Read More
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    As the world knows, we face an emerging virus threat in the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. The problem is, right now there are several important things that we don’t know about the situation. The mortality rate, the ease of human-human transmission, the rate of mutation of the virus (and how many strains we might be… Read More
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    Opening the Lid on Sarepta’s Drug Approvals

    Let’s talk Sarepta. And FDA approval, because you can’t bring up that company without immediately starting a regulatory affairs argument. I was not happy when their initial exon-skipping therapy (Exondys, eteplirsen) for Duchenne muscular dystrophy was approved in 2016, because I thought that the efficacy data were simply not strong eno… Read More