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    Explosion at BASF

    Bad news from Germany this morning. There’s apparently been a very large explosion at the BASF Ludwigshafen facility. If you’ve ever been through that part of the country, you’ll know that that’s a big site in a very dense industrial area: here’s some video taken a bit earlier today. German media reports are that man… Read More
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    I’ve been thinking about “right to try” laws, the ones that are trying to open up access to not-yet-approved drugs for patients who wish to take their chances with them. There are a lot of practical considerations that bear on this idea (differences with existing “compassionate use” programs, effect on clinical trial e… Read More
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    No One Will Ever Suspect!

    Here’s another one of those “Let’s lift a bunch of material from the company we work for and start our own!” schemes: According to the indictment, Yu Xue and Lucy Xi were scientists working at GSK’s research facility in Upper Merion, Pa., when they engaged in an alleged scheme to steal trade secrets related to… Read More
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    Time For A Name Change

    Well, this was just a matter of time, and that time has most certainly come. CNN is reporting that the longtime antisense-DNA company ISIS Pharmaceuticals is indeed thinking about changing its name, and who can blame them? This reminds me of the situation in the 1980s, when there was a company that had for years… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Another Whack at the Stem Shortage Myth

    Over at The Atlantic, Michael Teitelbaum has another crack at demolishing the “STEM shortage” myth. Looking over actual employment data, he finds: All have concluded that U.S. higher education produces far more science and engineering graduates annually than there are S&E job openings—the only disagreement is whether it is 100 pe… Read More
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    Jailhouse Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About!

    As I had hoped last year, scam artist Kevin Trudeau is indeed heading off for a ten-year sentence. I have searched, without success, for a photo of him wearing an orange jumpsuit and being bundled into a windowless prison van, but we’ll just have to use our imaginations for that. Not to worry – a… Read More
  • Chemical News

    The West Virginia Formaldehyde Claim Is Nonsense

    This morning I heard reports of formaldehyde being found in Charleston, West Virginia water samples as a result of the recent chemical spill there. My first thought, as a chemist, was “You know, that doesn’t make any sense”. A closer look confirmed that view, and led me to even more dubious things about this news… Read More
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    China’s GlaxoSmithKline Crackdown

    Keeping up with the GlaxoSmithKline/China story has been hard – every day or two there’s a new twist. But here’s what’s going on so far: Four GSK executives have been arrested on charges of bribery. Hospitals, doctors, officials of all kinds – the accusations are the the GSK people jacked up prices and sales figures… Read More
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    Eight Toxic Foods: A Little Chemical Education

    Update: You’ll notice in this post that I refer to some sites that the original BuzzFeed article I’m complaining out sends people to, often pointing out that these didn’t actually support the wilder claims it’s making. Well, the folks at BuzzFeed have dealt with this by taking down the links (!) The article now says: Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    The Drug Industry and the Obama Administration

    Over at Forbes, John Osborne adds some details to what has been apparent for some time now: the drug industry seems to have no particular friends inside the Obama administration: Earlier this year I listened as a recently departed Obama administration official held forth on the industry and its rather desultory reputation. . .the substance… Read More