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    Making Changes Inside Merck’s R&D

    I’ve heard from more than one source that Roger Perlmutter has been shaking things up this week at Merck. Since he only took over R&D in March, that’s a pretty short lag time – if these reports are accurate, he clearly has some strong opinions and is ready to act on them. From what I’ve… Read More
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    One. . .Million. . .Pounds (For a New Antibiotic?)

    Via Stuart Cantrill on Twitter, I see that UK Prime Minister David Cameron is prepared to announce a prize for anyone who can “identify and solve the biggest problem of our time”. He’s leaving that open, and his examples are apparently “. . .the next penicillin, aeroplane or world wide web”. I like the idea… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Promoting STEM Education, Foolishly

    Here’s a man who says what he thinks about getting students into STEM careers: The United States spent more than US$3 billion last year across 209 federal programmes intended to lure young people into careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The money goes on a plethora of schemes at school, undergraduate and postgr… Read More
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    Just Work on the Winners

    That Lamar Smith proposal I wrote about earlier this morning can be summarized as “Why don’t you people just work on the good stuff?” And I thought it might be a good time to link back to a personal experience I had with just that worldview. As you’ll see from that story, all they wanted… Read More
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    A Dumb Proposal for the NSF

    This is a bad idea: Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) is circulating a draft of a bill to change the way the National Science Foundation reviews grant applications. Science magazine obtained a copy of the current version, and it would require the NSF to certify that all research it funds is: 1) “…in the interests of… Read More
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    A Bombing

    I’m still trying to figure out if anyone I know personally was injured during yesterday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. So far, it’s just been a couple of close calls. As it happened, I was out of town yesterday, and only saw the news in the early evening. What sort of explosive chemistry was used… Read More
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    Pick Your Stench

    OK, folks, time to choose: would you rather be downwind of an industrial-scale spill of butyl mercaptan (which started in Rouen and is already being smelled in London), or. . .would you rather deal with a twenty-seven tons of burning goat cheese in Norway? Tough call. I think, though, that I might go with the… Read More
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    Anti-GMO. Until This Week.

    I wanted to take a moment to highlight this speech, given recently by environmentalist and anti-genetically modified organism activist Mark Lynas. Let’s make that former anti-GMO activist. As the speech makes clear, he’s had a completely change of heart: I want to start with some apologies. For the record, here and upfront, I apologise… Read More
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  • Chem/Bio Warfare

    Chemical Warfare in Syria?

    It’s a grim topic, but I see that there are worries that the Syrian government, or what’s left of it, is being warned not to use its stockpiles of chemical weapons. Back in the early days of the blog, I did a series on the chemistry of these things, and they can be found by… Read More