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  • Current Events

    Using the Time

    I’ve come to accept that the site is going to be pretty much all-corona-all-the-time during this crisis. I’ll try to do the occasional post on something else, but there’s so much news on the epidemic, so much (nearly involuntary!) interest and, not least, so much complete garbage information out there that I feel that those… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Chloroquine, Past and Present

    Now that chloroquine is in the news everywhere, I thought it might be interesting to have a closer look at the compound. The first part of this post will be chemistry-heavy, further down we’ll get into the pharmacology and medical uses. Chloroquine’s fame is as an antimalarial drug, and the history of antimalarials starts of… Read More
  • Current Events

    Coronavirus: Some Clinical Trial Data

    We’re starting to see some clinical trial data on possible Covid-19 therapies, specifically some of the ones mentioned in this earlier post on small-molecule approaches. First, the bad news (although I have to say it’s not unexpected). A trial of the lopinavir/ritonavir combination has shown no benefit. I say “not unexpected”… Read More
  • Cardiovascular Disease

    Angiotensin and the Coronavirus

    There’s quite a bit of confusion around the ACE proteins and coronavirus infection, and I can see why. The names in this area are pretty confusing, for one thing, and if you’re not familiar with the tangled feedback loops that you get in human biology, it all starts to look like a tangle of wires… Read More
  • Current Events

    The Curious Case of CureVac

    The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag has reported that the Trump administration has been making overtures to the German vaccine company Curevac. Here’s the part that’s really making headlines (my translation below): Der US-Präsident bietet der deutschen Firma angeblich einen hohen Betrag, um sich ihre Arbeit zu sichern. Von einer Milli… Read More
  • Current Events

    Real Information: A Public Good

    I think I’m going to be dividing the blog posts into two categories for the time being: coronavirus-related ones and completely nonrelated ones. It’s the biggest medical story right now – this one’s going into the history books, unfortunately – so I can’t pretend to ignore it. But neither can I go all-coronavirus… Read More
  • Current Events

    Time Scales, Viral and Human

    I can tell that the current events are getting a bit overwhelming by the difficulty of writing about other topics here! I’m not specifically on a coronavirus topic today, but rather on what some of the news coverage is saying about our expectations for medical research. One of the things people have noted about my… Read More
  • Current Events

  • Current Events

    Covid-19 Biologic Therapies Reviewed

    Friday I looked over the small-molecule landscape in this post, which has been updated and will continue to be as more news comes along. Today let’s look at the biologics landscape. One thing that I want to emphasize up front, as I did in the earlier post, is that none of these things are available… Read More
  • Current Events

    Covid-19 Small Molecule Therapies Reviewed

    Update: for clinical trial results as of March 18 on some of these, see here). Let’s take inventory on the therapies that are being developed for the coronavirus epidemic. Here is a very thorough list of at Biocentury, and I should note that (like Stat and several other organizations) they’re making all their Covid-19 content free… Read More