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  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Taranabant Is No More

    Merck has taken a step that many people have been expecting, and announced that they are no longer developing taranabant, their cannabinoid antagonist (or is it an inverse agonist?) I’d expressed grave doubts about the drug earlier this year, which turned out to be well-founded. That latter post included the line “I don’t see how… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Metabolic Hope Springs Eternal

    Now, if I were still doing metabolic disease work, I’d be all over this target: CAMKK2, which is mercifully short for “Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 2”. (Kinase nomenclature has been out of hand for years, in case you’re wondering). CAMKK2 is right in the middle of a lot of pathways that are known to be… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    All The Fat Cells You’ll Ever Have – Sort Of

    I’ve done a fair amount of work against drug targets for metabolic disorders, so a recent letter in Nature caught my eye. The authors have used an ingenious technique to determine the number and age of the adipocytes (fat cells) that an individual has, and have tracked that cell population year by year. One thing… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Alli: “Underwhelming”

    About a year ago, I wrote about GSK’s attempt to sell the lipase inhibitor orlistat over the counter as Alli: “So my forecast for Alli is strong sales – for a while. Then it takes a dive, never to scale those heights again, as the word gets out. And the demand continues to grow for… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Merck Bails on Natural Products

    Every few years, you hear talk of a renaissance in natural products-based drug discovery. Well, this news should postpone the next round of optimism for a bit longer: Merck is cutting their natural products program entirely. They’ve had a long history in that area, but no more. That C&E News item includes an interesting detail: Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Why Buy, Anyway?

    I don’t want to say that this is a trend, but I notice that GSK is saying that they’re going to leave Sirtris more or less alone as well (as Takeda has said they’ll do with Millennium). The researchers in both shops should feel good about that, and not only because they’ll be keeping their… Read More
  • Diabetes and Obesity

    Exubera, Safety, and No Guarantees

    As mentioned yesterday, I would have to say that Mannkind is in big trouble. I’d never heard of the company until the Wonder Drug Factory was closing back in Connecticut, but Mannkind was moving some of their operations into the state around then and interviewed a number of my former colleagues. The whole inhaled-insulin idea… Read More
  • Cancer

    And You Thought Exubera Was A Disaster Before

    I don’t usually do more than one post a day, but this really caught my eye. In an ongoing review of Pfizer’s (now discontinued) inhaled insulin (Exubera), an increased chance of lung cancer has turned up among participants in the clinical trials. Six of the over four thousand patients in the trials on Exubera have… Read More
  • Animal Testing

    Whose Guess Is Better?

    I was having a discussion the other day about which therapeutic areas have the best predictive assays. That is, what diseases can you be reasonably sure of treating before your drug candidate gets into (costly) human trials? As we went on, things settled out roughly like this: Cardiovascular (circulatory): not so bad. We’ve got a… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Taranabant in Trouble?

    Well, I wish I hadn’t been right about this one. Last month I spent some time expressing doubts about Merck’s new obesity drug candidate taranabant, a cannabinoid-1 ligand similar to Sanofi-Aventis’s failed Acomplia (rimonabant). S-A ran into a number of central nervous system side effects in the clinic, and although they’ve gotten the drug… Read More