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    Against Panic

    With the waves of layoffs going on, and all the nasty structural changes we’re seeing in this business, it’s easy to start feeling a toxic combination of fear and despair. And while I understand that, I’m going to try to briefly argue against it. (1) I think that, in the years to come, that people… Read More
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    Thoughts on What Used to Be Schering-Plough

    So what are we up to now, Day Three of Greater Merck? The merger with Schering-Plough went through earlier this week, and you won’t get any more numbers by searching the stock tickers for SGP. I find that weird, since I started my career there in the late 1980s/early 1990s. But while I was there… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    In Which You Get to Hear the Phrase “Hatch-Waxman” Again

    There’s a constant running battle in the drug industry between the two kinds of pharmaceutical companies: the ones who discover the drugs first, and the ones who sell the drugs cheaply after the patents have expired. It surprises me still how many people I run into (outside my work) who don’t make that distinction, or… Read More
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    Fifty Years of Scientific History For You

    Here’s a most interesting graph from the latest issue of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. It’s from an article on trying to discern trends from broad-scale literature analysis, and it’s worth a separate blog post of its own (coming shortly). But after yesterday’s discussion of whether there are too many graduates in science an… Read More
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    You Mean You Don’t Have to Buy Them?

    Johnson & Johnson’s CEO has given an interview to the Financial Times explaining his company’s strategy with acquisitions. And right now, that strategy is. . .not to make acquisitions. They see partnerships as making a lot more sense: “The cost of developing compounds has become so high and become so risky that we are looking… Read More
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    O Brave New World! That Has Such Companies In’t!

    Steve Usdin at BioCentury sent along a reprint of the newsletter’s annual “Back to School” issue from last month (available for open access here) in response to my note about “micropharma” the other day. And it’s clear that he’s been thinking along the same lines. Whether or not this model is going to work… Read More
  • Drug Industry History

    Fall From Grace

    A couple of articles have come together and gotten me to thinking. Back during the summer, long-time medicinal chemist Mark Murcko published a short editorial in Drug Discovery Today comemmerating the Apollo 11 moon landing’s 40th anniversary: “People like me, who are old enough to actually remember the events of July 1969, are instantl… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The Drug Business: A Turbulent Future?

    One of this blog’s regular correspondents has just been attending a chemistry outsourcing conference (program here), and heard a very interesting talk from Stefan Loren of a Baltimore investment advisory firm, Westwicke Partners. Loren’s a product of the Sharpless lab, who went on to Abbott, then Wall Street (Legg Mason and into the hed… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Sepracor: A Desirable Property?

    Well, I didn’t see this one coming. Dainippon Sumitomo has announced that they’re buying Sepracor. My first thought on reading this was “Are they sure they want to do that?” I say that because the ostensible reason that the Japanese company is pulling out their wallet is that they’re looking to replace declining revenu… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Rings of the Future!

    Here’s an interesting paper that some of you may have seen in J. Med. Chem.: “Heteroaromatic Rings of the Future”. That’s an odd title, but an appropriate one. For the non-chemists in the crowd who made it to this paragraph, heteroaromatic rings are a very wide class of organic compounds. They’re flat cyclic structures… Read More