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  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    The Other Side of the Table

    One of the comments to yesterday’s post turned the topic around by asking me how I like to be interviewed. That’s a fair question, and I’m going to resist a quick answer of “In as fawning a way as possible”. I have to say that I haven’t been out on the conference-room trail in a… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Bad Interviews

    My “How to Get A Pharma Job” category over on the right has taken on a whole new meaning these days, what with me (and all my co-workers) scrambling around for new positions. You run into all kinds of interviewing styles out there, most of them fairly benign – but there are a few techniques… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Man Hands on Misery to Man

    Some comments here called my attention to a piece by Philip Greenspun, “Women in Science”. That’s not the best title, because his points aren’t so much about the position of women in science, but of everyone. And a pretty damned bleak position it is: “Why does anyone think science is a good job? The average… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Here’s A Shovel. Could You Dig Yourself In Some More?

    Talking about reaction-quiz job interviews the other day really seems to have brought out a lot of stories (check the comments to that post). I’m glad to hear that this kind of interrogation seems to be disappearing. I had more than one experience with this sort of thing when I was on the interview trail. Read More
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    Name Reactions for One Thousand, Alex

    Here’s a question for people who have been out interviewing in the last couple of years (with special emphasis on those who’ve been seeking their first position in the industry): does anyone still do the old “Let’s go to the blackboard and see how many reactions you know” interview? Syntex in Palo Alto was well-known… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Hire the Thoroughbreds?

    One of my colleagues came by the other day to dispute a remark I made in a comment here the other day. The question is the role of “pedigree” in hiring into pharmaceutical research labs, which varies quite a bit between companies. Some are notorious for “old boy” systems – you’ll find an awful lot… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    What Sort of Training?

    I had some email from an undergraduate chemistry major who’s interested in doing drug discovery work eventually. He was wondering if organic synthesis was still the way to go in graduate school, and my answer is “definitely.” I’ve warned people away from too much of a medicinal chemistry focus in their graduate work before,… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Dinner the Night Before

    A reader sends along this dilemma, and asks for advice: “I will soon be graduating with a Masters degree. I have been invited to interview at a major Pharmaceutical company, and have been invited to dinner the night before with the Vice President of Drug Discovery. No one I have asked has any idea of… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    Getting Hired as a PhD

    Continuing with my “How to Get Hired” series, tonight I want to talk about getting a job as a new PhD. If you’re in this market, the first thing you should do is go back and read that previous post about getting hired with a Master’s degree or lower, because most of that applies to… Read More
  • How To Get a Pharma Job

    How To Get Hired: Associate Positions

    I thought I’d expand my recent thoughts on getting employed in the drug industry, and start a new category to put them in. Perhaps they’ll be a helpful reference to job seekers. I’ll be writing from a chemocentric point of view, but I’ll try to make reference to other areas of the pharmaceutical job market. Read More