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  • "Me Too" Drugs

    Biosimilars: Not So Dang Easy

    This post drew a lot of comments here about how the big companies are going after follow-on biologic drugs. As a late-2008 article put it: Merck already has one FOB in clinical development: a pegylated erythropoietin for anemia similar to Amgen’s Aranesp (darbapoetin alfa) called MK-2578, which is being developed using a sugar-modification te… Read More
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    Pfizer’s Future: Biotech Followups

    The Wall Street Journal has an article detailing some of Pfizer’s plans in the biologics area: stepping in with second-generation versions of current winners from other companies. New versions of Rituxan and Enbrel are in the works, with the improvements mostly coming in how often the drugs need to be given. They’re not alone in… Read More
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    Arzoxifene: Not the Road to Big Profits?

    Eli Lilly announced some bad news last week when they dropped arzoxifene, a once-promising osteoporosis treatment (and successor to Evista (raloxifene), which has been one of the company’s big successes). If this drug had been found ten or fifteen years ago, it might have made it though. But the trial data showed that while it… Read More
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    Now Your Liver Doesn’t Have to Make It For You

    One of the less appealing ways that companies have tried to fill their drug portfolios over the years has been to look through their current drugs in search of one with a main active metabolite. That altered structure then becomes a clinical candidate for the next generation. I’ve said bad things before about Clarinex (desloratadine)… Read More
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    How Many PPIs Does the World Need?

    The topic of “me too” drugs has come up quite a bit around here over the years. For the most part, I’m a defender, although there are some places I draw the line (Clarinex for Claritin comes to mind as a particularly useless advance). A reader pointed out the amount of advertising he’s seeing for… Read More
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    Bad Luck For Novartis – And For Diabetics

    Novartis must wonder what they did to deserve this one. A few years ago, it looked as if they ruled the potentially lucrative world of dipeptidylylpeptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitors for diabetes. (Note – name of enzyme corrected after brain hiccup – DBL). Novartis seemed to be the first big company to come up with good chemical… Read More
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    Godzilla vs. Mothra? Relman vs. Epstein!

    Arnold Relman is back. The co-author, with Marcia Angell, of The Truth About The Drug Companies, has a long review in The New Republic of Richard Epstein’s new book on the industry, Overdose. Not everything in Epstein’s book is right, and not everything in Relman’s review of it is wrong. But when Relman misses, he… Read More
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    By a Nose in a Head to Head

    One of the other incorrect lessons that people might take away from the press accounts of the antipsychotic trial is that drug companies have been comparing their medications to placebo too often. And why would you do that unless you were scared that you wouldn’t be better than the competition? What’s with these people, anyway?… Read More
  • "Me Too" Drugs

    No Clear Winners

    You’ve probably seen the headlines about the recent NIH-sponsored “CATIE” study comparing five anti-psychotic medications. The result, which is what made the whole thing newsworthy to the popular press, was that it was hard to distinguish among them, with the oldest generic working as well as (or better than) the newer drugs. But… Read More
  • "Me Too" Drugs

    Gritting Our Teeth

    I’ll tell you a company that’s been watching what’s happened to Merck and thinking hard about it: Sanofi. Well, OK, everyone in the industry has been looking at Merck’s situation and shuddering, but I suspect the people at Sanofi(-Aventis) are especially jumpy. Why? Rimonabant. Rimonabant, which will come to the market next… Read More