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  • Business and Markets

    The Hep C Field Gets Nastier By the Minute

    What a mess there is in the hepatitis C world. Gilead is, famously, dominating the market with Sovaldi, whose price has set off all sorts of cost/benefit debates. The companies competing with them are scrambling to claim positions, and the Wall Street Journal says that AbbVie is really pulling out all the stops. Try this… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    What If Drug Patents Were Written Like Software Patents?

    Try this claim on for size and see how it fits: “A method for treating a human disease state by means of inhibiting an enzyme whose functioning contributes to that disease state, said means comprising the administration of a molecule of molecular weight between 100 and 750 Daltons (composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Oncoceutics’ Odd Press Releases (Spam Never Sleeps)

    That last entry about Oncoceutics attracted a comment that caught my eye. If you go to the company’s web site, and their press release page, there are some oddities. Somehow, the same robo-spammers who infect the comment sections of blogs have worked their way into the text of the company’s press releases. Here are some… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    A Horrible, Expensive, and Completely Avoidable Drug Development Mixup

    C&E News has a story today that is every medicinal chemist’s nightmare. We are paid to find and characterize chemical matter, and to develop it (by modifying structures and synthesizing analogs) into something that can be a drug. Key to that whole process is knowing what structure you have in the first place, and now… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Crap, With the Force of Law Behind It

    There’s a piece up at Vox about some changes over the last few years at the US patent office. This will probably not come as good news to those people (and I’m one of them) who think that too much crap makes it through the system as is, but it appears that the PTO is… Read More
  • Biological News

    CRISPR In the Courts

    Here’s an article from the Independent on the legal battles that are underway about CRISPR technology. On one level, it can be a somewhat ugly story, but it also shows how much of a discovery the technique has been, that people are willing to fight for the rights to it so vigorously. But it’s going… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Eli Lilly vs. Canada

    Eli Lilly has been complaining the U. S. Government for a while about the Canadian regulatory authorities, after they invalidated the company’s patents for Strattera and Zyprexa a few years ago. Unfortunately for them, as Ed Silverman reports, the U. S. Trade Representative has refused to put Canada on the list of countries that don’t… Read More
  • Patents and IP

    Can You Patent A Natural Product? Prepare For a Different Answer

    So, can you patent naturally occurring substances, or not? That’s a rather complicated question, and some recent Supreme Court decisions have recomplicated it in US patent law. Mayo v. Prometheus and Assoc. Mol. Pathology v. Myriad Genetics. The latter, especially, has sent the PTO (and the IP lawyers) back to staring out their respective win… Read More
  • Drug Development

    A New Book on Scaffold Hopping

    I’ve been sent a copy of Scaffold Hopping in Medicinal Chemistry, a new volume from Wiley, edited by Nathan Brown of the Institute of Cancer Research in London. There are eighteen chapters – five on identifying and characterizing scaffolds to start with, ten on various computational approaches to scaffold-hopping, and three case histori… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Free Chemical Patent Searching

    Here’s some good news for open (free) access to chemical information. A company called SureChem was trying to make a business out of chemical patent information, but had to fold. They’ve donated their database to the EMBL folks, and now we have SureChEMBL. At the moment, that link is taking me to the former SureChem… Read More