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Posts tagged with "Pharma 101"

  • Life in the Drug Labs

    Prep TLC: The Good Old Days Live On

    I did something in the lab the other day that I hadn’t done in several years: run some preparative TLC plates. I had some small reactions that needed to be cleaned up, and the HPLC systems were all in use, so I thought “Why not?” (I wrote here about the decline of analytical TLC in… Read More
  • In Silico

    Floppiness Is Not Your Friend: Who Knew?

    There’s a trick that every medicinal chemist learns very early, and continues to apply every time its feasible: take two parts of your compound, and tie them together into a ring. The reason that works so well may not be immediately obvious if you’re not a medicinal chemist, so let me expand on them a… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Elbow Room

    I hope that in decades to come that our current drugs look as crude as I think they will. For all of our knowledge and all our equipment, we still don’t have much of an idea of what we’re doing around this industry, not compared to the sum of what there is to know. Most… Read More
  • Drug Development

    Like Clockwork

    There are a lot of drug development issues that people outside the field (and beginning medicinal chemists) don’t think about. A significant one that sounds trivial is how often your wonder drug is going to be taken. Once a day is the standard, and it’s generally what we shoot for unless there’s some reason to… Read More
  • Pharma 101

    Proteomics 101

    Over at the entertaining culture-blog 2Blowhards, the comments to this post (on people who feel deficient in math ability) include a mention of proteomics, which prompted Michael Blowhard to say: “Proteomics” — even the word is scary. I wonder how people in the field are going to communicate the substance and importance of what th… Read More