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  • Science Gifts

    Science Gifts: The Elements

    In my post the other day on do-it-at-home science experiments and demonstrations, I left out Theo Gray’s Mad Science. That’s because, although it looks like a very fun book, it seems to require a number of things that most people don’t have lying around the house, like a Van der Graaf generator. (If you’re in… Read More
  • Science Gifts

    Science Gifts: Experiments At Home

    I’ve recommended Robert Bruce Thompson’s Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments before, and I’d like to do so again as a science gift for anyone you know that would like to see what real chemistry is like (interested and capable middle- and high-school students are a particularly good audience). And I’m glad to repo… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Science Gifts: Chemistry Sets

    I’ve decided this year that I’ll be posting some recommendations for science-themed gifts, since this is the season that people will be looking around for them. This article at Smithsonian has a look at the history of the good ol’ chemistry set. As I mentioned in this old post, I had one as a boy… Read More