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  • Current Events

    Nationalist Medicine? What Crap is This?

    I would guess that, at this point, I’ve worked with people from every region of the planet except Greenland and Antarctica. That’s how it is in drug research, and how it is in science in general. The problems and questions we’re working on are bigger than any one nationality; we’re tackling these things as a… Read More
  • Natural Products

    Sodium Benzoate Nonsense

    I don’t spend a lot of time on the blog swatting down idiotic ideas about chemicals. It’s a full time job, and (see next post) I already have a full time job. It’s also frustrating work, because the supply of idiocy is apparently beyond limit, and just when you think you’ve seen the most clueless… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Neurotrope: A Shameful PR Stunt

    There was some Alzheimer’s news the other day, but it wasn’t actually about Alzheimer’s. Not very much. It was more about hype, press releases, and a grievous lack of understanding of statistics. Via @AndyBiotech and @biotechtoreador on Twitter, I came across this release about an announcement from a small company called Neurot… Read More
  • Cancer

    Nativis Lives the Life

    I sort of hate to bring them up again, but a reader sent along this link to a story at Geekwire, all about how there’s a Seattle company has raised $10 million for their new cancer-fighting device “that uses electromagnetic fields to mimic the effects of drugs” and yeah. . .it’s Nativis again. Here’s the… Read More
  • Cancer

    Be Sure The Funds Are Deposited

    I’ve written before here about the many people who are convinced that most (or all) diseases have to do with the body’s pH – most often, you hear that your body has to be alkaline, and that cancer and other diseases are associated with acidity. To save time, I will stipulate that this is bullshit. Read More
  • Snake Oil

    Education Versus Nonsense

    I’ve written here several times about what an education in science can do for a person, and what it can’t do. This is part of a broader topic of expertise and whose opinion is worth listening to, subset “experts in science”. But that’s a big subset, since (1) scientific topics can be quite important and… Read More
  • Snake Oil

    Regrets of a Naturopath

    I enjoyed this article at Stat, about former naturopath Britt Hermes. She graduated from a well-known program in the field and was in practice for several years before it began to dawn on her that (1) she didn’t really know that much about medicine and human disease, and (2) naturopathy was often a load of… Read More
  • Aging and Lifespan

    Isotopes, Get Your Revivifying Isotopes

    Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor – at least, the ground floor of a pitch you probably haven’t heard before. The chemists and biologists in the crowd will be familiar with how isotopic enrichment takes place in biological systems. Bonds between heavier atoms are slightly harder to break, making the rate constants… Read More
  • Snake Oil

    Oh, Biohacking

    I wrote here about the first company that the big VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has launched in the biopharma space, Nootrobox. They’re selling nutraceuticals to make you “smarter” and “faster” – so how are things going over there? The San Jose Mercury News has an update (forgot to add the link, sorry!), in the co… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Manure Is Organic, Let’s Not Forget

    Chemjobber put me on to this lawsuit filing, which is brought by the Organic Consumer’s Association versus The Honest Company. To decode all these, the OCA is an advocacy group (one of the most aggressive) for organic farming, and gets its funding both from its members and from the organic farming industry. You can pretty much fill… Read More