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Posts tagged with "The Dark Side"

  • Biological News

    No MAGIC Involved

    What a mess! Science has a retraction of a 2005 paper, which is always a nasty enough business, but in this case, the authors can’t agree on whether it should be retracted or not. And no one seems to be able to agree on whether the original results were real, and (even if they weren’t) Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    What Results Did You Have In Mind?

    Of course, no sooner do I come out defending drug company research than we have this to think about: “An influential Harvard child psychiatrist told the drug giant Johnson & Johnson that planned studies of its medicines in children would yield results benefiting the company, according to court documents dating over several years that the… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Drug Industry Research: Reliable or Not?

    So, in light of the Reuben scandal of forged data about pain management in surgery patients, the question naturally comes to mind: how much role did industry play? I’ve seen articles (and had comments here) to the effect that industry-sponsored research is worthless: discount it, can’t trust it, bought and paid for, and so on. Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Fraud: How, and Why, and How Again

    Readers may have seen the recent stories of an academic anaesthesiologist, Dr. Scott Reuben, who published an entire string of fraudulent papers in the pain management field. Various rabble-rousing sources have used this as a chance to run “Big Pharma Pays For Deception” stories, but I’m not going to give that angle much time at… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    The Merck Deal and the SEC: Not a Joke

    And I thought that I was kidding, at least a bit, in my post where I warned some of the folks buying into Schering-Plough last week that they might be hearing from the SEC. Well, maybe not – whenever a deal like this goes through, the first place they look is in the options market: Read More
  • Chemical News

    Your Paper Is A Sack Of Raving Nonsense. Thank You.

    You don’t often get to see the sort of fistfight that’s detailed in the latest issue of Organic Process Research and Development. Patents whose procedures are hard to reproduce are familiar to every industrial chemist, unfortunately, but coming across one that seems completely mistaken in its most important details is rare. And this is the… Read More
  • Current Events

    Ranbaxy in Trouble

    There are reports this morning that the FDA is halting further review of drug applications from one of the largest generic drug manufacturers, India’s Ranbaxy. It appears that some test results submitted to the agency have been found to be falsified. Update: here’s the FDA’s complaint (PDF). I’m not seeing any details on wha… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Lilly Pays the Price

    Eli Lilly has been in trouble for some time now regarding off-label promotion of their antipsychotic Zyprexa – specifically, their sales reps seem to have gone around saying that it was useful in treating the dementia of Alzheimer’s patients, although there was no FDA approval for that indication. (Whether it actually is any good for… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Insider Trading in Drug Stocks? Not Unknown. . .

    With all the financial scandals going on these days (really, a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme run by the former head of NASDAQ?), it’s worth asking how often such shady dealing goes on with the stocks of drug companies. From what I can see, it does happen, but it’s certainly not endemic. The first thing that comes… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Cut It Out. Cut It Out Now.

    File this under “does no one any good”. As many of you will have seen, JAMA just published a report on various studies that Merck has conducted and published over the years on Vioxx. The conclusion was that the company basically wrote the papers, and then went shopping for well-known academic names as authors. No… Read More