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  • The Dark Side

    Some Sales Force

    If you want to see the real underbelly of pharmaceutical sales and promotion, here it is. Insys Therapeutics makes a sublingual spray formulation of fentanyl called Subsys, and has been doing very well with it. But that seems to be, to a good extent, the product of, well, let’s just call them extremely aggressive sales… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    Giving Ambulance Chasing a Bad Name

    My Twitter feed alerted me to this press release, surely one of the sleaziest I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not that there’s no actual data in it, although that’s bad enough. Nor is it that it talks about “promising results”, even though the trial it touts is still underway, even though that’s pretty… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    People Only Fake Things That Are Valuable

    The fake peer review scandals just keep on coming. BioMed Central noticed problems with a few papers last fall, but they’ve now had to pull 43 papers from their journals: Some of the manipulations appear to have been conducted by third-party agencies offering language-editing and submission assistance to authors. It is unclear whether the aut… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Three More Retractions

    Ouch. When the “unclick” work from the Bielawski lab at Texas was found not to hold up, the word was that other papers involving the now-hard-to-find co-author (Kelly Wiggins) were being looked over. And here come three more retractions. They all cite scientific misconduct on the part of “one of the co-authors” who was affil… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Unclick Undone, Unsurprisingly

    The now-notorious “unclick” paper has been retracted. Last summer saw an editorial “Expression of Concern”, and later it was reported by C&E News that a common author (Kelly Wiggins) of all three papers in this area had confessed to fabricating data. In light of this, the retraction notice is interesting. It makes refer… Read More
  • Regulatory Affairs

    India’s GVK Accused of Systematic Fraud

    This does not look good at all. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has accused the large Indian generic company (and outsourcing contractor) GVK of widespread systematic fraud. According to this press release, the agency investigated about 1000 generic formulations of various drugs from GVK, and found that 300 of them had enough data (from other… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Maybe Don’t Refund That Grant Money After All

    Setting what is nearly a new personal record, I’m backtracking on my approval yesterday of the idea of granting agencies getting a refund for retracted papers. The problems I mentioned in that post, along with the arguments of many in the comments section, have swung me back around. What I kept thinking about is how… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Refund That Grant Money

    Now, here’s a proposal that would shake a lot of academic research up: what if granting agencies could force a refund of the awarded funds if the resulting work has to be retracted? That’s the idea of this post at Retraction Watch: How to do this? I propose that funding agencies demand a refund clause… Read More
  • Cancer

    The Duke/Potti Scandal, From the Inside

    You may remember Anil Potti, the cancer researcher at Duke whose biomarker-driven therapies turned out to be so poorly designed as to be useless. (Or you might recall the bizarrely clumsy firm that he hired to try to burnish his online reputation). But what you probably don’t know (I certainly didn’t) was that someone in… Read More
  • The Dark Side

    Nonstop Glamour and Prestige

    A longtime reader sent along these two items as indications of just how high-end it’s getting in some parts of the scientific publishing game. First off, we have King Abdulaziz University (of Saudi Arabia) aggressively recruiting for their “International Affiliate Program”. What might this be? Well, here’s the deal: you, as… Read More