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  • Things I Won't Work With

    Things I Won’t Work With: A Nasty Condensed Gas

    If you cool things down enough, you can turn almost anything into a liquid (or into a solid, if you’re really insane about it.) Chemists use liquid ammonia fairly often, for example, though it’s been some years now since I’ve needed any. People outside the field think of the aqueous solution of ammonia gas (household… Read More
  • Things I Won't Work With

    Thing I Won’t Work WIth (2): Nickel Carbonyl

    Synthetic organic chemists rely a lot on inorganic chemistry. We let metals do a lot of work for us, particularly when it’s time to do the real arc-welding of carbon-carbon bond formation. I have a pretty typical synthetic background, and over the years I’ve used palladium, platinum, sodium, iron, copper, rhodium, aluminum, mercury, sil… Read More
  • Things I Won't Work With

    Things I Won’t Touch (1)

    I’m still working on my reply to the Matthew Holt article I mentioned yesterday, so I thought I’d do one of the awful reagents that I spoke of. I’ll kick things off with hydrogen fluoride. The chemically inclined members of my audience might be saying “Hold it! You said yesterday that you’d used hydrofluoric acid!̶… Read More