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  • Vaccination Against the New Variants: Real-World Data

    We’re definitely not out of the pandemic woods yet, and neither is this blog – so let’s talk some more about antibodies today, in the hopes that we’re getting closer to the time when I (and all of us) can ignore immunology for a while. But we’re not ignoring it today! There’s a lot of… Read More
  • Vaccine Roundup: Merck Wipes Out (and More)

    We have a good amount of news in the coronavirus vaccine world, so it’s time for another look over the field. My most recent overview post is here, from late December, with this one from mid-December, and about ten days ago I looked at news from J&J and SinoVac (also summarized below). I’m going to… Read More
  • The Other Guys

    Writing the other day about the lipid formulations used in the current mRNA vaccines makes me want to highlight something else that I hit on from time to time around here. When you learn in school about the major classes of biomolecules, you hear about proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids. That’s a reasonable classification… Read More
  • That Kodak Deal

    Many people have been wondering what’s going on with the announcement by the Trump administration that Kodak has been contracted to produce pharmaceutical APIs here in the US. Let’s line up some of the public statements about all this first, and then take a closer look. Here’s the press release from Kodak after signing a “L… Read More
  • Vaccine Derangement

    I’m working on a new vaccine roundup post for tomorrow – it’s been a couple of weeks, and there’s a lot of news to catch up on. But first off, a comment on vaccines in general. As the prospect of these become more real in the public mind, I’m noticing more and more anti-vaccine takes, from… Read More
  • Thoughts on Antibody Persistence and the Pandemic

    The fundamental challenge of dealing with this pandemic is uncertainty. There are just too many important things that we don’t know – and what’s more, they aren’t easy to find out, either. We’ve seen that with the waves of optimism and pessimism about various therapies, just to pick one. As everyone has been learning … Read More
  • Another Set of Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates

    I surveyed the coronavirus vaccine landscape in this post, and then detailed some of the larger efforts in the field here (several updates have been added to that one since its initial posting). Now it’s time to look at several programs that aren’t in either of those, but still have plenty of serious science behind… Read More
  • Good News on the Coronavirus-Angiotensin Connection

    Let’s use some news this morning as an example of how things go in clinical research. You’ll remember that earlier in the epidemic there was a sudden scare about angiotensin-targeting medications (ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers, two very common modes of hypertension therapy). This came from the realization that the cor… Read More
  • More Small Molecule Clinical Data Against Covid-19, As of April 16

    There are several clinical trial updates for today – some that have reported data, and two that are apparently never going to report at all. I refer to trials of Gilead’s remdesivir in China, one for moderate cases and one for severe ones, both of which were updated yesterday to “suspended” on That took… Read More
  • More Therapeutic Ideas for the Coronavirus: Too Much Inflammation?

    So today I’d like to talk about some of the other anti-coronativirus possibilities that I haven’t gone into yet – these posts will never make a comprehensive list, but at least I can cover some of the more interesting ideas, I hope. Interleukin-6 is an interesting story. This preprint from German researchers presents some evidence… Read More