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  • Business and Markets

    Marcia Angell’s Interview: I Just Can’t

    I have tried to listen to this podcast with Marcia Angell, on drug companies and their research, but I cannot seem to make it all the way through. I start shouting at the screen, at the speakers, at the air itself. In case you’re wondering about whether I’m overreacting, at one point she makes the… Read More
  • Clinical Trials

    GSK Opens Up Its Trial Data

    GlaxoSmithKline took an unusual step today: they announced that they’re opening up clinical trial data: “GSK is fully committed to sharing information about its clinical trials. It posts summary information about each trial it begins and shares the summary results of all of its clinical trials – whether positive or negative – on a w… Read More
  • "Me Too" Drugs

    Getting Drug Research Really, Really Wrong

    The British Medical Journal says that the “widely touted innovation crisis in pharmaceuticals is a myth”. The British Medical Journal is wrong. There, that’s about as direct as I can make it. But allow me to go into more detail, because that’s not the the only thing they’re wrong about. This is a new article… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Merck’s Madagascar Marketing Mess

    OK, it’s time to haul the marketing guys back in again. Via Pharmalot, I see that Merck, in its capacity now as Merck Schering-Plough, is promoting Claritin via a tie-in with the kid’s movie “Madagascar 3”. That is certainly the first time I’ve ever heard of a drug company co-promoting with a children’s movie (or… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    DTC Advertising: Is That Where Things Fell Apart?

    Over at Forbes, Matthew Herper has a provocative comment from a former Merck executive, Peter DeVillbiss. He’s wondering when and how drug companies lost the public standing that they used to have (remember, Merck used to be the “most admired company in America”, just to give you one example). His theory (which I know is… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    The NIH and Conflicts of Interest

    The NIH has, it appears, been getting quite sensitive about conflicts of interest. There have been some rather ugly scenes involving ghostwritten articles (and entire books), and NIH director Francis Collins has said that the agency’s guidelines are in the process of being revised. You’d have thought that the existing ones would have ba… Read More
  • Press Coverage

    Even Worse Than Reality

    I found this article in The American Scholar via Arts and Letters Daily, entitled “Flacking for Big Pharma”. As you might have possibly guessed from the title, it’s a broadside against the advertising practices of the drug industry, and particularly against its interactions with physicians and the medical journals. And I’ll… Read More
  • Cancer

    The Ethics of Avastin

    When we last spoke about the Avastin-and-breast-cancer story here, the FDA had rescinded its provisional approval for that indication, and a number of people were shouting that here it was, health care rationing based on price, right in front of us. As I said at the time, I think that those worries were misplaced: the… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    How Others See Us (And How We See Them)

    Via Matt Herper, here (PDF) is an interesting survey from Quintiles, the large clinical outsourcing company, on how different groups perceive the value of new drugs. The first problem is that not everyone can agree on what’s valuable. Surveying managed-care people and physicians, the number one factor mentioned is cost. Biopharma respondents… Read More
  • Why Everyone Loves Us

    Excel and Exceed, Y’all

    I wrote a couple of years ago about corporate anthems, and my own horrifying experience with one. One of the comments mentioned Pfizer’s “Excel and Exceed”, which was said to have been pulled from YouTube, “possibly out of sheer embarrassment”. Well, it’s back, courtesy of a disgruntled Pfizer employee. Some of y… Read More