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  • Analytical Chemistry

    Sticking Together in Solution

    I will cause no controversy by saying that most of the small-molecule compounds that we develop as potential drugs in this business are rather poorly soluble in water. Every organization I’ve worked in has made the standard jokes about “brick dust” and “powdered Teflon”, and for the well-founded standard reasons. A lot… Read More
  • Drug Prices

    Arguments on Drug Pricing

    I find myself slammed with a busy work schedule this week, but I have to take a moment to recommend this post by venture capitalist Bruce Booth on drug pricing. It is long, detailed, and comprehensive, and I’m very glad that he took the time to do it, because it (and Jack Scannell’s piece from… Read More
  • Academia (vs. Industry)

    The Hype Problem

    This paper is right, and it says things that need to be said. I wonder, though, if saying them will do any good. Let me explain what the heck I’m talking about! The paper is titled “Blocking the Hype-Hypocrisy-Falsification-Fakery Pathway is Needed to Safeguard Science“, and I don’t see how anyone can really disagree. When… Read More
  • Alzheimer's Disease

    They Don’t Know

    Well, Biogen has released more data on its Alzheimer’s antibody, aducanumab. The people (like me) who were doubtful (or worse) that they had enough to make a case for FDA approval remain doubtful. And the people (there are some) who think that it’s approvable haven’t changed their minds, either, from what I can see. Frankly… Read More
  • Business and Markets

    Another Shot at Major Depression Fails

    This is a big day for clinical trial data, and unfortunately it didn’t get off to a very good start. Everyone is waiting for more data on Biogen’s Alzheimers program later today, but another anticipated trial has already read out. Sage Therapeutics made quite a few headlines in 2017 and 2018 when their trials of… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    Chemistry-Themed Books, 2019

    This is the second part of my “gift list” posts, and this one is perhaps more useful for general gift-giving!  These will be chemistry-themed books (and related subjects) for a more general readership – no $200 monographs on biophysical methods this time around, although if you think you can give someone one of those without… Read More
  • Analytical Chemistry

    Which Enantiomer, Anyway?

    Assigning enantiomers (mirror-image isomers of a compound, for the non-organic-chemists in the crowd) can be a pain. By definition, no non-chiral technique can tell the difference between such things, and many of the chiral techniques will just tell you that they’re different, but not which one is which. Take, for example, chiral chromatograp… Read More
  • Book Recommendations

    Medicinal Chemistry Books, 2019

    I missed putting this up last year, but once again I have a list of medicinal chemistry books of interest. As in years past,  the list builds on previous recommendation posts, with updates and reader suggestions incorporated along the way. For histories and broad overviews of the field, there have not been any recent additions. Earlier… Read More
  • Blog Housekeeping

    Thanksgiving Break

    Well, as I have done for many years now, I am home today following this well-precedented preparation for chocolate pecan pie. I will post a picture of the end product, which I strongly recommend for its vitamin content and general benefits! Next post here will be on some book recommendations – that will go up… Read More
  • Chemical News

    Perverse Polymorphism

    I mentioned polymorphs the other day, and no mention of those should go by without a reference to the classic 1995 article on “disappearing polymorphs” and its 2015 follow-up. This is a controversial area, but what everyone can agree on is that there are numerous cases where some particular crystal form of a compound has… Read More