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Scholarships for Bloggers

Blogs have become a fixture in the Web universe, a favorite way for
individuals to express their feelings on topics great and small. If
you’re a post-secondary student in the U.S. and have a blog, there’s a
scholarship contest just for you.

The Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation is offering its second annual Blogging Scholarship
contest. The winner gets $10,000, up from $5,000 last year. The process
for selecting the winner differs from most other scholarships. The
application consists of a few pieces of personal information, GPA, your
blog URL, and an essay with a 300-word limit. Applicants can chose
essay themes from among the 5 topics presented.

The deadline for applications is Saturday 6 October.
will select and announce the 10 finalists by Monday 8 October. At that
point, the public votes to select the winner from among the 10
finalists. The winners will be announced on Sunday 28 October.

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