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An Entrepreneurial Summer Experience

Summer internships offer excellent
opportunities for students to get hands-on experience and (sometimes) a little
money in a real working environment. But Highland Capital Partners is offering
something more: a summer internship that can kick-start your new business.

Highland Capital Partners (HCP) is a venture
capital company based in Massachusetts and California that invests in
early-stage businesses in the communications, digital media, information
technology, health care, and consumer-products industries. This summer, HCP is
offering its second "Summer@Highland" program, which offers student
entrepreneurs a chance to learn the ropes of building an enterprise using their
own business ideas.

HCP offers the internship to students —
graduate or undergraduate — or recent graduates, either individually or in
teams of up to 4 people, for 10 weeks. The teams work out of HCP offices in
Lexington, Massachusetts or Menlo Park, California. Teams of 2 or more  divide a
stipend of $15,000; individual interns (i.e. teams of 1 person) receive $7,500.
In addition, HCP offers a staff member who can put interns in touch with HCP’s
network of investors and client companies.

Applicants need to show HCP a good
business idea with at least some movement towards the marketplace.  HCP defines
a "good" idea  as one with the potential to be highly disruptive in its field.
The teams must have taken at least the first steps in forming a business, beyond
the idea stage. HCP expects interns to have a solid grounding in their
marketplace or technology. Interns must also provide testimonials from advisers
who share the interns’ vision and can attest to the idea’s potential.

If, as a result of the internship, interns
get their enterprises going and attract other investors, HCP asks the former
interns to allow HCP the option of co-investing up to 50% in the same round of
financing as the other investors.

If you have an idea with the potential to
become the next Google or Facebook, don’t delay. Applications close on 22

Hat tip: Institute of International