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NSF Releases 2006 Doctorates Data

National Science Foundation has posted a
in its Science and Engineering Statistics section to request revised
tables from its 2006 Survey of Earned Doctorates. The note at the top of the
page says, "SRS (Division of Science Resources Statistics) will be releasing revised
tables from the 2006 Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) for the Summary Report,
Race/Ethnicity/Gender (REG) and Baccalaureate-Origin tables released by the
survey contractor in previous years. Copies of the new 2006 SED tables will be
forwarded via email, at no charge." The page then gives a form to request the
new tables.

As we reported two weeks ago and last month, NSF had stopped reporting data on
numbers of minorities earning doctorates in some scientific specialties if those
numbers fall below a certain threshold. NSF promised earlier this month to release the missing
data, including those in its 2006 survey.


One comment on “NSF Releases 2006 Doctorates Data”

  1. Thomas B. says:

    Science Resources Statistics is still finding ways to suppress data whenever the research friendly higher-management parts of NSF is not looking closely enough. This includes large numbers of meetings with data users, so SRS management can tell it’s bosses it is engaged in “outreach”, but where they just lecture researchers on new restrictions.

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