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A Media Fellowship, and a Guide for Press Officers

Those of you living in the United Kingdom and curious about how the media work may be interested in applying for a British Science Association Media Fellowship. These fellowships offer researchers with at least 2 years of postgraduate experience the opportunity to spend between 3 and 8 weeks working with a print, broadcast, or online media organization. You can read about past fellows’ experiences and find details on how to apply on the British Science Association Web site. Deadline for applications: 10 March.

These fellowships are intended for scientists who want to stay in research (which doesn’t mean you can’t use one to make a career switch to science journalism). If you are interested in leaving the bench to become a press officer, a new guide released by Stempra, the PR association for U.K.-based science, technology, engineering, and medicine, offers practical guidance on writing press releases, preparing scientists for media interactions, and dealing with ethical issues. This guide is likely to be most helpful once you’ve landed a PR job. But even now it can also help you understand what a science-PR job would be like so you can decide for yourself whether such a career is for you.