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Careers in Science Writing, Editing, Broadcasting, and Public Relations

Welcome to
those of you coming here from the Cambridge Media Event — and welcome
to everyone else, too! We often get questions about careers in science writing,
editing, and similar careers. So, I thought I’d take the occasion of the Cambridge
Media Event to assemble some links to our many features and articles on this

a Career in Science Writing

Careers in Science
Editing: Feature Index

This feature contains more than two dozen profiles of
scientists who have found careers in scientific editing, whether it’s at book
publishers, journals, or international agencies.

the Message Across: Scientists in Public Relations

More than a dozen profiles of
scientists who’ve found rewarding work in public relations at agencies and
scientific organizations.

Science Broadcasting: Feature Index

Scientists from around the world talk about working in radio
and television, whether it’s full time or an occasional thing.

Careers in Medical Writing: Opening Doors *Feature

Medical writing includes many different types of jobs, from
working in biotech companies to regulatory agencies. This collection of essays
covers some of these diverse jobs. We also revisited this topic more recently
in Working as a Medical Writer.

If you’d
like to try out a career in the media, why not apply for a media fellowship?
The two largest programs available are the American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS) Mass Media Science
& Engineering Fellows Program
and the British Association for the
Advancement of Science Media
. (We wrote
about the BA fellowships
earlier this month; the deadline for applications
is March 10.)

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  1. These are some great resources. I often get approached by physicians who are interested in transitioning to the medical writing industry. It can be a difficult switch, especially if you don’t have any writing experience.

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