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Postdoc Appreciation Day

The National Postodoctoral Association (NPA) has designated this Thursday, 24 September, as the first annual Postdoc Appreciation Day, celebrating “the significant contribution that postdoctoral scholars make to the U.S. scientific research enterprise and, at the same time, increasing awareness of this contribution.”

NPA created this celebration as a way for university faculty and administrators to let their trainees know how much their contributions are valued. Campuses all over the United States and one in Ontario, Canada, have scheduled events ranging from seminars to coffee-hours to cookouts. The NPA Web site has a list of events and locations. And there’s a Facebook event page where invitees can tell if they plan to attend.

While some postdocs may not want to get too far behind in their lab work, they should not sacrifice those vital partying — um, networking — skills that can always come in handy later on.