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Beyond the Boys Club

A new book offers “strategies for achieving career success as a woman working in a male-dominated field,” to quote the books subtitle.

Beyond the Boys Club (U.K.: Wit and Wisdom Press, 2009) is written by Suzanne Doyle-Morris, an “executive coach” who earned a Ph.D. at Cambridge with a dissertation focused on women in engineering.

I haven’t yet seen the book so this is NOT a review. Yet, from what I’ve seen about it so far — via this promotional YouTube video, this review in Nature (you’ll need a subscription or a site license to read the whole thing), and this review in a blog — it’s likely to be useful for women working in science who, while technically competent, have not yet mastered the skills of raising their profile in their working communities. The book is available at and other retail outlets.

You might do just as well, however, by reading Stephanie Pfirman, et al.’s “Maximizing Productivity and Recognition” series on Science Careers, which focuses on science and hence, for academic scientists at least, more directly relevant. So far the series includes:

Part 1: Publication, Citation, and Impact
Part 2: Collaboration and Networking
Part 3: Developing a Research Plan

Part 4, which is about making sure you’re regarded as a peer and not as a pet or mascot in your collaborations, and within your own department, will be published in January.

Best of all, the Science Careers articles are free and provide immediate gratification; no need to wait until a book is delivered.