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Online Resource for Entry-Level Jobs

For recent college graduates, finding a job at any time is difficult, since they often lack experience outside the classroom — a situation made worse by the current tough job market. The trick for recent grads is to find entry-level jobs, which can lead off professional careers but normally require little more than a solid, relevant educational background. Started by a 2006 college grad who ran into this very problem, One Day One Job identifies these entry-level opportunities.

One Day One job profiles a few employers each week, reviewing the organization’s work and its job opportunities, highlighting those where entry-level applicants would have a shot. It gives some background about the organization, including unfavorable news like adverse legal judgments, along with links to the enterprise’s “about”, leadership, annual report, news, and of course jobs/careers pages. In some cases, it reviews the organization’s current job openings, pointing out those not requiring extensive previous experience. One Day One Job includes links that search Facebook and LinkedIn for current employees of the companies profiled. A separate section discusses internship opportunities at the profiled enterprise.

Two recent issues on the site appear to have opportunities for junior-level engineering and science grads.
– In the 24 January 2010 issue, the site talks about the U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, DC, and finds two entry-level jobs looking for applicants with computer and engineering training.
– On 23 January, the site reviewed the Educational Testing Service (ETS), headquarted in Princeton, New Jersey, and with locations in six other U.S. cities. We found several junior-level jobs (with the title of “associate”) for statisticians and social scientists in the ETS jobs section.

The site is the creation of Willy Franzen, a 2006 graduate with a BS degree from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. After experiencing the same job-search frustrations as other recent grads, Franzen started the One Day One Job site in 2007.

2 comments on “Online Resource for Entry-Level Jobs”

  1. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for mentioning One Day, One Job here! I’m glad to see that you find it useful for new science and engineering grads.
    We use a tag based system to organize our company profiles, so your readers may want to check out our pages on:
    Entry level jobs in science
    Entry level jobs in engineering
    Entry level jobs in research
    There are a number of other tags that your readers might find useful, but I’ll let them browse the site to find them. That’s part of the fun of the site—you can explore all kinds of interesting companies that you never would have come across otherwise.
    Thanks again,
    Willy Franzen
    Founder of One Day, One Job

  2. Nevil says:

    The job market is still kind of tuff…not sure if is recent grads will find jobs in fields like engineering

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