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Video on ERC Grantees

The science video channel AthenaWeb features a nice documentary on several young researchers who have won Starting Grants from the European Research Council. The video, entitled ‘Bringing Great Ideas To Life: The European Research Council (ERC)‘ was supported with ERC funding.

Science is “an attitude,” Fotis C. Kafatos (who has since stepped down as ERC President, replaced by Helga Nowotny) says in the video. “It’s not just important to know what’s already known but to learn and discover what is not known.  So we really have to trust the young. We have to give them the message that Europe encourages them to come and stay… and help Europe be one of the major science centers in the world.”

A former beer-brewing engineer now studying pheromones of amphibians using fake frogs; a cello player studying  how our hearing and touch senses work at the molecular level; an economist looking at the impact of media coverage on how hard local politicians work; and a geologist who simulates earthquakes inside the lab, are among the profilees. 

At the time of the recording, 600 ERC Starting Grant agreements had been signed. “If you have a bright idea, and if you want to start an independent career, then apply to the ERC grants and we will help you… to bring this great idea to life,” concluded Dr Jack Metthey, ad interim Director of the ERC Executive Agency.