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House Committee Chair Miller Urges Speedy Resolution of Postdoc Contract in Letter to University of California President

In a sharply worded letter faxed yesterday to University of California President Mark Yudof, Chairman George Miller (D-CA) of the House Committee on Education and Labor expressed his “deep concern regarding the failure” to resolve the outstanding issues in the seemingly endless negotiations for a first contract between UC and PRO/UAW, the postdoc union covering the huge system’s ten campuses.  

The “thoroughly disappointed” Miller described the dismay he felt during the hearing on the negotiations that his committee held in Berkeley on April 30.  At the hearing Dwaine Duckett, UC’s Vice President for Human Resources, asserted that the university cannot negotiate across-the-board raises because of fears that the small number of postdocs paid directly by outside funders rather than through grants to the university might “end up posing a significant burden on state general funds,” Miller wrote.  Yet, he added, Duckett gave “no evidence that even a single dollar of state general funds has been used for Paid Direct salaries.”    Resolution of the issue “remains elusive because of UC’s still ‘incomplete’ record gathering,” Miller continued.

Ensuring that “a resolution of these negotiations is not subject to unnecessary delay” is “your responsibility,” Miller told Yudof.  Miller also praised the frank testimony of UC postdoc Ludmila Tyler, which “was instrumental in helping the Committee understand the work of postdocs,” and reminded Yudof of UC’s “long history of providing testimony to Congressional hearings” and the “prohibitions against any form of retaliation as a result of testimony before Congress.”

One comment on “House Committee Chair Miller Urges Speedy Resolution of Postdoc Contract in Letter to University of California President”

  1. Laura says:

    In case you are wondering how UAW reps tricked people into signing up for the union in the first place see I was a postdoc at UC for 2 years and witnessed first hand the unionization drive of UAW and haven’t met a single postdoc (except for UAW reps of course) who said he or she signed up on his or her own because he or she really believes that the union would be a good thing. The vast majority of authorization card signers didn’t know what they are signing up for. Hopefully the union will be decertified soon.

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