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U.S. Economy Adds 290,000 jobs in April

The U.S. economy added an estimated 290,000 jobs in April, the best performance in more than 4 years. 231,000 of those jobs were in the private sector. About 66,000 temporary workers were hired by the U.S. census bureau. The last time the economy did better was in March, 2006, when 326,000 jobs were added.

The April employment report also revised upward employment numbers for February and March: In March the economy added 230,000 jobs, up from 162,000 estimated in early April, when the March report was issued. In February the economy added 39,000 jobs; the previous report had estimated that 14,000 jobs had been lost that month.

A year ago in April, the economy shed 528,000 jobs, and in March 2009,
753,000 jobs were lost. So far this year, according to current estimates, the economy has added 527,000 jobs; at this point in 2009 the economy had shed 2,786,000 jobs.

The economy’s job gains were broad-based. The professional and business services sector, which includes most scientists and many engineers, added 80,000 jobs, while health care added 20,000.

For more information, see the Employment Situation Summary for April 2010, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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