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Alan Kotok

More Action Words for Your Résumé

In his February 2008 Tooling Up column, Dave Jensen offers tips for adding muscle to your marketing materials, particularly your résumé and cover letter. One of those tips is to describe your accomplishments and contributions with “action words” — terms that convey action and results.

Action words may help your materials stand out from the mass of others and improve your chances of getting an interview. Many résumés today, unfortunately, still give lists of duties rather than tell about applicants’ results or contributions.

In his 2008 piece, Jensen links to a document with list of action terms offered by the law school at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). The CareerRocketeer blog recently posted its own list of 30 more résumé action terms, many of which are not on the UDC list. Some of these lend themselves to scientific or technical work. Here are a few …


and my favorite …

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  1. lanyards says:

    This is a great help to resume builders, and especially to the almost million that are looking for jobs and trying to polish up their resume. I personally like the “Masterminded” and will certainly include that to mine. Thank you very much, really was a good post.

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