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2010 Dance Your Ph.D. Competition

Time to put your dancing shoes on: The Dance Your Ph.D. Contest is up again!

Launched in 2008 by Science‘s Gonzo Scientist, the Dance Your Ph.D. Competition invites scientists from all walks of life to put their Ph.D. research topic into dance form. Videos will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel on scientific and artistic merit and on the creative combination of the science and arts.
The deadline to enter is 1 September, and the finalists in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Sciences categories will be announced later that month. Finalist videos will be screened at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York City in October, and the winners will be announced and prizes awarded then and there. Above all, the contest is meant to be fun, but it’s also an opportunity to earn some cash: There’s a $500 prize up for grabs in each category, with the winner of the ‘Best Ph.D. Dance of All’ getting an extra $500.
Find more detail and lots of tips on how to enter on the Gonzo Scientist’s Web site and take part in ongoing discussion on the Dance your Ph.D.Contest Facebook page.