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NIH Announces Winners of 2011 Pioneer, New Innovator, and Transformative Research Awards

NIH today announced the 2011 crop of researchers who will receive grants from the NIH Common Fund, which aims to fund big-risk, big-reward research projects. The Common Fund will award $143.8 million this year in three categories: 13 Pioneer awards ($10.4 million), 49 New Innovator awards ($117.5 million), and 17 Transformative Research Projects awards ($15.9 million).
In the past, recipients of these grants have produced research into how tuberculosis develops resistance to antibiotics, improving diagnoses via blood testing, and better screening methods for finding drugs to promote nerve regeneration.
NIH recently issued a call for applications for next year’s Pioneer and New Innovator awards (the Transformative Research Projects award budget is still under consideration for renewal). You can learn how to apply for the Pioneer award here and the New Innovator award here.
For a full list of the researchers who won this year, see the press release.