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Beryl Lieff Benderly

Gingrich Tops GOP Field in Science Orientation, Scientific American Finds

With the Iowa caucuses over and the New Hampshire primary looming, incessant media attention to the GOP presidential nomination race will (groan!) be well-nigh inescapable from here on out.  In the nick of time, the Scientific American Geek Guide comes to the rescue of the perplexed sciece-oriented non-news junkie.  It rates the contenders on their orientation to science including their personal geekiness and the more serious criteria of their “associations” — each candidate’s ties to “causes and people in science and technology” — and their “policies” or their stands on science-related issues.  

Published on January 3, the list still includes now-former candidate Michele Bachmann, who ranks last.  Among the remaining contenders, last place now goes to Rick Santorum.  Narrowly leading the pack, according to author Christopher Mims, is tech buff “Newt Skywalker” Gingrich, whose strong “geek cred” allows him to pull ahead of sci-fi fan and evolution and global warming (though not necessarily human causation) believer Mitt Romney, who holds second place, and physician Ron Paul, who comes in third.