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NIH Working Group Recommends Reducing the Number of Postdocs and Students NIH Supports

In case you missed it: Near the end of a Science Careers blog post from Michael Price yesterday, on a report documenting the results of an National Institutes of Health (NIH) survey, was this:

The working group recommends in the report that NIH “[r]educe the number of students and post-doctoral fellows supported,” increase awareness of alternative careers for people trained in science, and work on ways to
increase funding and promote a wider distribution of funds.

Here are NIH’s “Action Recommendations,” from that report:

  • Reduce the number of students and post-doctoral fellows supported, and improve awareness and understanding of the branching career path available to new scientists (supply-side).
  • Increase total funding and revise current funding structures to promote wider distribution of funds (demand-side).

It will be fascinating to see whether the NIH administration embraces these recommendations.