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A Video and a Petition for Spanish Science

The Spanish Federation of Young Investigators (FJI/Precarios) is looking for volunteers to produce a video contrasting the situation of Spanish scientists abroad and at home. As reported recently on Science Careers, early-career scientists in Spain are concerned that the current economic context and forthcoming funding cuts are likely to derail their careers at home.

Spanish scientists abroad are invited to record their own answers to a series of questions including:
– “How do you think the research, development, and innovation in Spain compares to the country where you work? What do you think is failing here [In Spain]?”
– “Do you believe that you are more valued as an investigator in another country than in your own?”
– “Do you see what is currently occurring as a brain drain, or it is less serious than this?”
– “What real possibilities do you believe you would have to continue developing your research career in Spain?”

Information on how to contribute a video can be found on the FJI/Precarios Web site.

Together with the Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies, the researchers’ association Investigación Digna, and the trade union CCOO, FJI/Precarios also recently released a petition against the funding cuts and hiring freeze announced for 2012.