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An Interesting New York Work-Life Event, with Alice Huang

Those of you in the New York area with interest in science and work-life balance will be interested in this event scheduled for Friday evening, 9 November. Alice Huang will be presenting a lecture, “Life Lessons and Work-Life Balance,” followed by a networking reception, at New York University’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology, located at 12 Waverly Place. The event is free for New York Metro members of AWIS; otherwise it costs $10, or $5 if you are a student. If you decide to attend, you’ll want to register in advance.

Dr Huang, as you may know, is a microbiologist and virologist, formerly of Harvard but now at Caltech; she is also a recent former president of AAAS. What makes her lecture on work-life balance especially interesting to me (though unfortunately I won’t be able to attend) is that she shares an enduring marriage to another prominent scientist, the Nobel Laureate (and Robert A. Millikan Professor of Biology at Caltech) David Baltimore. (Baltimore, too, is a former AAAS president.) Baltimore was also Huang’s postdoc adviser, back when I was perhaps 3 years old. The two have been married since 1968 and have a daughter together. Intriguingly, Huang also has a private pilot’s license.

If you attend the event, please report back with a short account of the most interesting things you learned. We’d love to publish it on our blog.