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GQ Endorses Geek Chic

Have you heard that “geek chic” is a hot trend these days?  That the guys (and gals) who rule technology and science also rule the fashion world?  Well now it’s official.  GQ, the arbiter of masculine style whose motto is “Look sharp. Live smart,” has chosen the Mars Rover team–those men and women who landed Curiosity on the red planet–as its Men of the Year for 2012. And yes, you heard that right: This year’s “Men of the Year” team includes women. 

There’s a picture of the entire team, resplendent in their blue NASA polo shirts, which don’t look to me like the cutting edge of style, but who am I to say?  There are pictures of the team’s leaders decked out in slightly more upscale ensembles featuring blue dress shirts by Brooks Brothers.  These shots include the team’s two main fashionistas,  Bobak Ferdowsi and Adam Steltzner, whose tonsorial fashion statements garnered world-wide attention (and for Ferdowsi, many tweeted marriage proposals) at the time of the landing back in August. The GQ piece, by the way, also includes an interesting first-person account of the unforgettable night of the landing.

If you want to plan your own look accordingly, check out the article here.