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    Researchers See Many Benefits from Collaborating with Patients’ Associations

    A survey carried out at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) suggests that the majority of researchers see interacting with patients’ associations in a positive light. The preliminary results were presented today at the French senate as part of a conference gathering INSERM and patients’ associations. Read More
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    New Measures to Promote Gender Equality in France

    Yesterday, the French government announced the adoption of a charter aimed at helping France reach true gender equality in higher education. The “Charter for Equality” (link goes to PDF) was put together by the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE), and the Conference of the Directors of Frenc… Read More
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    Scientific Misconduct, Career Stage, and Gender Bias

    A new study that looked at data from the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) found that scientific misconduct occurs all along the academic career ladder, and that male researchers are more likely to engage in misconduct than their female counterparts. In the study, which was published today in the online open-access journal mBio®, Ferric… Read More
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    Expert Testimony Continues on Third Day of Harran Hearing

    California state investigator Brian Baudendistel continued his testimony on 20 November in the hearing to determine whether UCLA chemistry professor Patrick Harran will stand trial on felony charges of occupational safety violations that resulted in the death of Sheri Sangji. From a detailed summary of his statements during his first day testifying… Read More
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    Proposed Law Would Require Institutions to Disclose Alumni Outcomes

    We at Science Careers have long urged graduate programs to track and make public their graduates’ and postdocs’ career outcomes so that people considering Ph.D. programs and postdoc appointments can make informed choices. Recent studies from the National Academies and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) include similar recommen… Read More
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    ScienceLive Chat: Do Female Scientists Get a Raw Deal?

    Science is supposed to be a merit-based, bias-free profession, but research suggests that female scientists are hired less frequently and earn less pay than their male colleagues. Earlier this month, researchers conducted a mock hiring situation and found that science faculty members chose potential male applicants over female applicants and awarde… Read More
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    Individual Professional Development Plans for Careers in and Outside Academia

    There was, apparently, a brief moment in history when almost everyone who entered a Ph.D. program ended up in a faculty position shortly after graduation. That moment is long past: Today it takes years of postdoctoral experience before most Ph.D.s can compete for a faculty job, and those jobs are now so scarce that the… Read More
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    New ERC Starting Grants

    The European Research Council (ERC) today announced the results of the fifth funding round of its Starting Grants. According to an ERC press release, this year 536 early-career researchers have been selected to share almost €800 million to establish their independent labs in Europe. Starting in 2007, the ERC has been offering grants of… Read More
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    Helping Teaching Assistants with Thick Accents (and Their Students!)

    Progress has been made in recent decades on ensuring that foreign graduate students at American universities have sufficient facility in the language–English, in the case of the United States–that they’re likely to be teaching in. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the comparable IELTS exam, has long been requir… Read More