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    Rising Job Prospects in U.K. Companies

    In their latest sampling of U.K. industry, released today, business lobbying organization CBI and recruitment specialists Harvey Nash have found a cautious but continuing trend toward growing employment, with job prospects looking especially good for highly-trained people and college graduates. Read More
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    Proposed Law Would Require Institutions to Disclose Alumni Outcomes

    We at Science Careers have long urged graduate programs to track and make public their graduates’ and postdocs’ career outcomes so that people considering Ph.D. programs and postdoc appointments can make informed choices. Recent studies from the National Academies and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) include similar recommen… Read More
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    Individual Professional Development Plans for Careers in and Outside Academia

    There was, apparently, a brief moment in history when almost everyone who entered a Ph.D. program ended up in a faculty position shortly after graduation. That moment is long past: Today it takes years of postdoctoral experience before most Ph.D.s can compete for a faculty job, and those jobs are now so scarce that the… Read More
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    Career Advice from a Scientist-Turned-Science Minister

    Last time I talked to Romanian chemist Daniel Funeriu, he was a group leader in chemical biology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and vice-president of the Romanian presidential commission for science and education. This was 2009 when I was researching an article as part of a Science Careers feature examining how science… Read More
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    Science Writing Competition Open

    When aspiring science writers ask me for advice on how to make the transition from the lab to the press room, I often say that a great way to get started is to take part in writing competitions. With so much else going on, it can be hard for early-career scientists to find a focus… Read More
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  • Academic Careers

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    Channeling Raw Smarts Into Results

    “He was super smart, but so what? … Pure intellectual heft is like someone who can bench-press a thousand pounds. But so what, if you don’t know what to do with it?” That’s how math professor Paul Zeitz describes his high school friend and director of MIT’s Broad Institute, Eric Lander, in an article in… Read More
  • Alan Kotok

    Equality in Academe

    Gender inequality in academic science is a much-discussed issue. But a new study reported 23 August by Inside Higher Ed has identified one segment of academe where women’s representation and pay match those of men: community colleges. Not only that, female faculty members at two-year institutions are “happy̶… Read More
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    Calling All Early-Career Public-Engagers

    Yesterday, physicist Chad Orzel from ScienceBlogs’ Uncertain Principles called out a disturbing trend in academia: When it comes to tenure decisions and grant reviews, he says, engaging in public outreach is all too often considered an impediment to success. People are generally in favor of outreach activities, of course, but in the same diff… Read More