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    Proposed Law Would Require Institutions to Disclose Alumni Outcomes

    We at Science Careers have long urged graduate programs to track and make public their graduates’ and postdocs’ career outcomes so that people considering Ph.D. programs and postdoc appointments can make informed choices. Recent studies from the National Academies and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) include similar recommen… Read More
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    Making the Undergraduate-to-Medical-School Transition

    During medical school orientations just a few decades ago, it was common for the Dean or another senior speaker to say to the assembled freshman class: “Look to the right of you…look to the left of you… [and in solemn tones]…in four years one of you three will not be here.” Happily for today’s medical… Read More
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    Scientists and Diversity in Industry: Who Stays? Who Goes?

    Last month, the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, part of the National Science Foundation, released a report called “Diversity in Science and Engineering Employment in Industry.” I took a look and learned something new — or maybe more accurately, the numbers caused me to look at things in a new way. Not only… Read More
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    A New Postdoc Contract at U Mass Amherst

    The Boston Globe is reporting that unionized postdocs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) have overwhelmingly approved a new contract with the university after 2 years of bargaining. According to the Globe, the contract provides for a minimum postdoc salary of $38,500, 2% raises to current salaries, and guaranteed health insu… Read More
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    45 Tech Companies to Double their Engineering Internships

    The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness announced yesterday at a panel discussion in Portland, Oregon, that it had secured a commitment from 45 companies to double the number of engineering internship opportunities they offer by 2012. The move is part of the council’s effort to train and graduate an additional 10,000 enginee… Read More
  • Alan Kotok

    Equality in Academe

    Gender inequality in academic science is a much-discussed issue. But a new study reported 23 August by Inside Higher Ed has identified one segment of academe where women’s representation and pay match those of men: community colleges. Not only that, female faculty members at two-year institutions are “happy̶… Read More
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    The Value of Engaging with the Public

    Research Councils UK (RCUK) have just released a video showing how the public can benefit from interacting with researchers, and how researchers can benefit from engaging with the public.  The 7-minute movie includes interviews with researchers and members of the public during a public debate about future energy scenarios held as part of… Read More
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    Matching Scientists with Adventurers

    Gregg Treinish, a man whose hiking credentials include a stroll along most of the Andes, took part in the Appalachian Trail Days event last weekend with an unusual sense of purpose. On a previous hike, he “felt selfish and … realized that was a shared feeling amongst hikers and mountaineers,” Treinish says.  That feeling, tog… Read More
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    Peer Support Could Be Good for Your Health

    Getting along with your colleagues may not only be good for your work satisfaction and productivity, it could be good for your health, too. That’s according to a new study, published in the May issue of Health Psychology, that looked at the medical history of more than 800 people working in finance, insurance, public services, healt… Read More