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    The microscope doctor

    Jim Janoso has created a very nice niche for himself. He is the microscope doctor. His patients: hard working microscopes in field stations in the most remote areas of the world. Microscopes that work day in and day out in the dust, on the ice, under extemes of temperature. Microscopes that should not, — cannot — Read More
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    Extreme Science

    It’s snowing heavily today. (A year ago, instead of snow, it rained cats and dogs here at Palmer.) The icebergs on the bay are covered by a frosting, like fine powdered sugar, and the sea has blue and green brash ice that sings like broken crystals as the water moves underneath. Visibility is just a… Read More
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    Ambushed by Icebergs

    This morning we were ambushed by icebergs. We woke up and realized we were prisoners of large chunks of ice that completely blocked the entrance to our tiny harbor for zodiacs here at Palmer. The station sits on a small, rocky shore, with a glacier behind it. Our only means of transportation are these zodiacs… Read More
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    A New Chapter in the History of Polar Communications

    Yesterday we wrote a new chapter in polar communications: the first-ever live wireless internet video conference from Torgersen island, at the Palmer Archipelago, in Antarctica, and the first ever involving 5 parties simultaneously from Palmer Station. It was an outreach effort I came up with several months ago together with the Maloka Science Muse… Read More
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    A Day with Penguin Researchers in Antarctica

    If you are a “birder” at Palmer Station like Kristen Gorman or Jen Blum, your day starts early with a quick breakfast, getting your gear in order, donning your “float coat”, getting on the zodiac, and heading to one of the several lovely islands in the Palmer Archipelago. Their job sounds way cool: They get… Read More
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    Open Mic night at Palmer Station

    Last night was “open mic” here at Palmer Station.  The cozy lounge with the leather chairs and book cases was transformed into a theater, complete with drums, electric guitars, microphones, and a keyboard. It was an amazing display of talent; at least half the station either plays an instrument or sings or composes or writes… Read More
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    Breakfast in Antarctica

    It is 7:30 a.m. (we’re on Chile time) and the smell of freshly baked bread fills the galley at Palmer Station, the only U.S. polar station north of the Antarctic Circle, and the only one on the Antarctic Peninsula. Groups of people gather around a few tables enjoying what I have to describe as a… Read More
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    50-year anniversary of Antarctic Treaty

    Sitting where I am, at a desk in my own cozy room at Palmer Station, overlooking a magnificent bluish iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic Peninsula, December 1st seems an especially meaningful day: 50 years ago today, 12 nations sat down and signed the Antarctic Treaty, designating this achingly beautiful white continent as one… Read More
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    Posada-Swafford’s Antarctica Trip, Redux

    After I posted that last blog entry, I decided I should provide a little more information. What’s the point of the expedition that Posada-Swafford is participating in. In part, at least, the scientists are hunting fossils. Posada-Swafford writes in an e-mail: We will arrive in Punta Arenas tomorrow and on the 23rd will sail to… Read More
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    What Is It Like to Work in Antarctica?

    Over the next few weeks, Angela Posada-Swafford will be sending dispatches from her fossil-hunting journey to the coldest continent. Posada-Swafford is a Miami, Florida-based science journalist who has built quite a reputation writing mainly for the Spanish-language market. “I am doing A LOT of things with this trip,” she writes, via e- Read More