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    Maintaining Empathy While Mastering Medicine

    Medical students are selected as much for their character as for their knowledge. The trait most valued (or that should be the most valued) is empathy. Ironically, studies show an erosion of empathy during medical school. Why does this happen, and what can we do about it?… Read More
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    Making the Undergraduate-to-Medical-School Transition

    During medical school orientations just a few decades ago, it was common for the Dean or another senior speaker to say to the assembled freshman class: “Look to the right of you…look to the left of you… [and in solemn tones]…in four years one of you three will not be here.” Happily for today’s medical… Read More
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    How You Write Matters

    Recently our department received an unusual application for an ophthalmology residency. The applicant seemed impressive, a top student at a prestigious medical school with several publications and strong letters of recommendation. What made the application unusual was that the word “ophthalmology” was consistently misspelled throughout… Read More
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    Become a Reviewer: Advancing and Contributing in the Scientific Establishment

    A small but poignant dramatic moment occurs whenever the researcher–young or old–opens the e-mail containing a decision letter about his or her latest research article and knows the fate of it has been largely decided by the advice of anonymous reviewers. Inevitably, we bless or curse those reviewers–but I suggest that you join th… Read More
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    Planning Ahead to Maintain Your Career When the Grants Stop Coming

    “The aging process is not fun, but when it begins decades ahead of schedule, it’s tragic” (See Editor’s Choice: Splicing Therapy Comes of Age, Science 11 Nov 2011, Vol. 334, p. 739). Substitute the word “retirement” for “aging” and you have the problem facing many career scientists today. While scient… Read More
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    The Computer/Brain Partnership – Balance Required for Maximum Efficiency

    There is increasing awareness that for optimum intellectual function, a balanced relationship must exist between the use of our electronic linkages and our brains. Excessive use and over-dependence on the Internet, e-mail, smartphones, and Web-enabled tablets can hinder instead of helping progress toward a successful science career. This is a compl… Read More
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  • Academic Careers

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    Shaping the Future of America’s Health Care: The Primary Care Physician Scientist

    One of the most promising and rewarding career choices for the student contemplating a professional life in clinical medical research is that of a primary care physician scientist. As U.S. managed care evolves, the primary care physician (PCP) is assuming an increasingly prominent and responsible role in the healthcare system. The PCP is generally… Read More