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  • Academic Careers

    ScienceLive Chat: Do Female Scientists Get a Raw Deal?

    Science is supposed to be a merit-based, bias-free profession, but research suggests that female scientists are hired less frequently and earn less pay than their male colleagues. Earlier this month, researchers conducted a mock hiring situation and found that science faculty members chose potential male applicants over female applicants and awarde… Read More
  • Academic Careers

    A Useful Report on the Responsible Conduct of Research

    The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has issued a new report on the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and how to teach it in graduate programs. Research and Scholarly Integrity in Graduate Education: A Comprehensive Approach, summarizes CGS’s Project for Scholarly Integrity (PSI), which was funded by the United States Office of Research… Read More
  • Editor's Blog

    True Confessions: I’m Getting in the Way of My Wife’s Career

    An article posted today at Business Insider (reposted from The Guardian? I can’t quite tell.) provides a close-in view of the personal side of a scientific career from the perspective of a self-described (male) “trailing spouse”. Over the long course of scientific training–before that long-sought permanent post–that tr… Read More
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  • Conference Board Analysis

    Labor Demand Way Down in July

    One of the employment metrics we track at Science Careers is the Conference Board’s Help Wanted Online survey, a monthly survey which tracks the number of online job ads. This report measures changes in the number of job ads posted online, breaks them down by category, and compares them to unemployment numbers from the previous… Read More
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    Convince Them That You Really Want the Job

    There’s really nothing new in this Chronicle of Higher Education article–we’ve been offering similar advice forever–but reminders are always welcome of the importance of convincing a potential employer that you’re eager for–even passionate about–the opportunity. This goes for industry jobs at least as… Read More
  • Academic Careers

    A Biomedical Products Show Just for Postdocs

    From the Could-Be-A-Barometer-of-How-Things-Are-Changing-But-Maybe-Not department: This past Tuesday, the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) presented a product fair and technology seminar for its postdocs. The event was written up in a short article in the Daily Pennsylvanian, a Penn campus newspaper. According to the article, the equipment on disp… Read More
  • Editor's Blog

    Two Views on Mechanisms for Postdoc Reform

    I’m a bit late in blogging this–sorry about that, but I’ve been busy. The 29 June issue of Science includes two letters written in response to AAAS CEO Alan Leshner’s 20 April editorial citing the need to establish standards for postdoc training. The first letter, from Neal Sweeney, a postdoc in the Department of Molecular… Read More
  • Editor's Blog

    BWF’s Career Awards at the Scientific Interface

    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund has announced the latest competition for its Career Awards at the Scientific Interface, which aim to advance the careers of physical, chemical, and computational science researchers and engineers whose work addresses biological questions. The preproposal Deadline is September 4, 2012. From the press release: BWF’s… Read More
  • Editor's Blog

    Too Many Equations for Biologists

    Numerous sources claim that Stephen Hawking once said that someone had told him that every equation he put in one of his books would reduce sales by half. Apparently, that’s true of biology papers as well. According to a study by Tim W. Fawcett and Andrew D. Higginson, scheduled to come out today in the… Read More