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  • Elisabeth Pain

    Kick-off Day at ESOF 2012 in Dublin

    Today saw the launch of the 5th Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF), a pan-European and biannual conference mixing science, technology, society, and culture that this year is being held in Dublin, Ireland between 11 and 15 July.  The opening keynote address was given by Jules Hoffmann, a professor of immunology at the University of Strasbourg and… Read More
  • Academic Careers

    EU Consultation on Immigration Rules

    The European Commission is running a consultation on how to improve immigration rules on the entry and residence of non-EU-national researchers, students, unremunerated trainees, and volunteers in Europe. You may offer your views whatever your citizenship and current situation. “Questions regarding visa, EU mobility rules, or labour mark… Read More
  • Academic Careers

  • Academic Careers

    Travel Grants to ESOF 2012

    In its fifth edition, the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) will be held this year in Dublin, Ireland on 11-15 July. ESOF is a biennial event showcasing European science and innovation.  The forum gathers researchers in all scientific fields, industry people, and government representatives. You can check out the programs for scientific and ca… Read More
  • Academic Careers

    A Video and a Petition for Spanish Science

    The Spanish Federation of Young Investigators (FJI/Precarios) is looking for volunteers to produce a video contrasting the situation of Spanish scientists abroad and at home. As reported recently on Science Careers, early-career scientists in Spain are concerned that the current economic context and forthcoming funding cuts are likely to derail the… Read More
  • Elisabeth Pain

    No Pay Threshold for Overseas Scientists to Stay in the United Kingdom

    Today, the United Kingdom Home Office announced stricter rules that will make it more difficult for holders of temporary work visas to settle in the U.K. after 6 years of residence — but they made an exception for scientists. “Exceptionally talented people, investors and entrepreneurs will continue to have the option to stay, while… Read More
  • Chelsea Wald

  • Europe

    Resources Expectations Overshadow non-EU Student Visa Relaxation in France

    On 12 January the French government backtracked on its decision to limit the employment of non-EU students when they finish advanced training in France. Under the new guidance, non-EU students with a two-year Master’s degree or above can remain in the country for 6 months after graduation in order to look for a job, and… Read More
  • Elisabeth Pain

    25 Years of Erasmus

    Erasmus, the European Commission’s flagship program for training and education, will be 25 years old this year. To date, the program has allowed nearly three million students to study or do a work placement in another EU country. Read More
  • Academic Careers

    Human Resources Strategy for Researchers in Europe

    Around 60 European universities, research institutions, funding agencies, and umbrella organizations gathered today in Barcelona (and will continue to meet tomorrow) to discuss how they can improve the working conditions they offer to researchers.  Read More