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    More from the Author of This Week’s In Person Essay

    Tracy Ainsworth, who wrote this week’s In Person essay on combining a science career with family in Australia, sent me an e-mail describing her experiences, which I reproduce here with her permission: Last year I was part of a group of female scientists that spoke with several girls high schools about science as a career. Read More
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    Open Results from Biomedical Research Projects: Where Are They?

    The following letter was submitted in response to Chelsea Wald’s article Scientists Embrace Openness. Open Results from Biomedical Research Projects: Where Are They? Maojo, V., Garcia-Remesal, M, Crespo, J., de la Calle, G., de la Iglesia, D. and Kulikowski, C. Wald has addressed scientific openness in a recent Science article (1), including… Read More
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    Gossip is Good, Even in the Lab

    In a January Mind Matters column, Irene Levine argued that in the science lab, gossip has some positive aspects but needs to be handled very carefully. Not long after, I got a response from Richard Weiner, a writer and PR specialist who has written 23 books and made an informal study of the topic of… Read More
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    Send Us Your Essays

    Regular Science Careers readers know that we occasionally publish personal essays written by interesting scientists in our In Person series. Most of these essays start as unsolicited reader submissions. We’re seeking such submissions. We’re looking for good writing, interesting personal stories, descriptions of unusual careers or compel… Read More
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    Taking Issue with “After the Fall of the Wall”

    Our package on science in Eastern Europe provoked the following reply from Yale Richmond, an expert on the subject: Elisabeth Pain and Kate Travis in Science Careers (November 6, 2009) are correct in discussing the changes in science that have taken place in Eastern Europe since “The Fall of the Wall.” But the two authors… Read More
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    More Fun with Fungi

    A note from a reader: Editor: It was great to see fungi out in science careers as a career option!  Having working with fungi since an undergraduate I am often surprised at how little focus they get given the diversity of jobs related to mycology (from brewing, baking, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, agriculture, forestry, academia, growin… Read More
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    The consequences of scientific misconduct

    An article published last week by The Scientist looks at the short- and long-term consequences of scientific misconduct on the careers of those who perpetrated it. In Life After Fraud, three scientists give their versions of the facts that led the U.S. Office of Research Integrity (ORI) to declare them guilty of scientific fraud. These sc… Read More
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    Eggheads and Cheeseheads – Feedback

    Dr. Albert has hit the nail right on the cheesehead!  My daughter (Allison H. Bartlett, MD , a pediatric infectious disease specialist raised in Madison, WI) sent me Albert’s article this am.  I am a graduate of UW-Madison medical school as is my husband, trained at Washington University in St. Louis and moved back to… Read More