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    Mexican Researchers Cancel Arizona Exchange Program

    According to the Arizona Republic, two universities in Mexico canceled their academic exchange programs with University of Arizona (UA) as a result of a new Arizona law that allows police to question individuals they feel might be in the U.S. illegally.  Among the canceled exchanges is a program for scientific researchers from the National Aut… Read More
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    Congress Passes Student Loan Bill; Funds Reduced for Community Colleges

    Consistent with the plan we mentioned 2 weeks ago on the Science Careers blog, the House of Representatives lumped much of their student-loan bill into the package of fixes to the health care reform bill. Yesterday, both the Senate and the House passed this package, which now goes to President Obama for his signature. But… Read More
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    More on Celebrating Women in Science

    March is Women’s History Month, and this week in particular there have been some exciting highlights of women in science. For starters, today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day of blogging about women in science. Bloggers can register their posts with the Finding Ada Web site, where anyone can view a map or a list… Read More
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    Newsflash: Women scientists do more housework than men

    Women scientists do about twice as much of core household chores as do their male counterparts, according to a study published in the January-February issue of Academe, the magazine of the American Association of University Professors. “Understanding how housework relates to women’s careers is one new piece in the puzzle of how to attra… Read More
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    Giving Students a Greater Play in the Classroom

    The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published the story of how an undergraduate English teacher struck by a disability developed interactive ways to teach her students. Elaine Smokewood, a 54-year-old English professor at Oklahoma City University in the United States, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease when she star… Read More
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    Beyond the Boys Club

    A new book offers “strategies for achieving career success as a woman working in a male-dominated field,” to quote the books subtitle. Beyond the Boys Club (U.K.: Wit and Wisdom Press, 2009) is written by Suzanne Doyle-Morris, an “executive coach” who earned a Ph.D. at Cambridge with a dissertation focused on women in engine… Read More
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    Family Plans

    Last month we ran Returning to Science by Sarah Webb, an article about women returning to science after extended family leaves. The same week we also published A Life Lived Backwards by Angela Saini, about Patricia Alireza, the University College-London physicist who didn’t even start graduate school until her family was grown. In connection… Read More
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    Barriers to a Ph.D. Not Faced by Most Students

    Attaining a Ph.D. degree takes commitment and perseverance, as any Ph.D. candidate can attest. But the way Nicholas Kristoff tells it, in yesterday’s New York Times Tererai Trent, a plant pathologist and Ph.D. candidate at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, demonstrated commitment and perseverance in the quest that few students at Amer… Read More
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    Clearing Your Records of Past Arrests

    Last month on this blog, we talked about more employers using reference checks as part of thorough investigations into applicants’ pasts. Today’s Wall Street Journal says that employers are taking that process further to include checks of arrests and convictions, which applicants must be prepared to explain or remove from their records. Read More
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    Radio Stories Feature Women with Disabilities in Science

    I received a note this morning from Nell Brady, project manager at WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, New York, alerting me to a new series of radio programs featuring women with disabilities in science. The series is being produced by the radio station as part of the NSF-funded Access to Advancement project. Eventually there… Read More